Regarding the results of the two by-elections of the House of Councilors, which was positioned as a prelude to the lower house election, the ruling party said that it was necessary to tighten it, although the impact was limited, while the opposition party was angry with the administration. I would like to give momentum to the House of Representatives election as a manifestation of.

In the two vacant elections of the House of Councilors, which became the first national election after the Kishida Cabinet was established, the former member of the House of Councilors of the Liberal Democratic Party won overwhelmingly in the Yamaguchi election district, while in the Shizuoka election district, the unaffiliated former recommended by the Constitutional Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party. A member of the prefectural assembly was elected by suppressing candidates for the Liberal Democratic Party.

Within the ruling party, there is a perception that the impact on the House of Representatives election is limited, such as "The defeat in Shizuoka is due to local circumstances such as the governor turning to support the other candidate", while "Prime Minister Kishida supports It is a pain to not win even though I entered, "he said, and it is pointed out that it is necessary to tighten.

For this reason, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party have decided to confirm the strategy of the second half of the war, such as the executives gathering to analyze the situation on the 25th and the executives will focus on the constituencies that are in close competition.

On the other hand, the opposition party said, "The victory in Shizuoka, which was originally a seat of the Liberal Democratic Party, is big. It is the result of the people's distrust and anger toward the administration so far."

And, in order to give momentum to the lower house election, we will strengthen our activities centering on the constituencies where candidates are unified through opposition cooperation.