That started well.

Does the SPD want to turn away from the principle of deterrence?

The criticism of their parliamentary group leader Mützenich of obvious remarks by Defense Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer, up to and including the comparison with Russian threats and the request not to burden the work of the future federal government, suggests nothing good for Germany's security.

Because neither the nuclear phase-out, the downgrading of the Bundeswehr nor the German refugee policy apparently impressed Vladimir Putin to the extent that he abandons his aggressive foreign policy. Nuclear weapons are part of an effective deterrent. This is a sad reality because there are still aggressors who do not care about human rights or the integrity of other states.

Hopefully nuclear weapons will not be used and will continue to be dismantled around the world.

But it must be clear to every troublemaker that the price to attack the Western alliance would be too high.

As long as the world is like this, the future traffic light coalition should rather deal with Germany's nuclear participation.

Or does this indicate a new form of "appeasement" that sees a greater threat in legitimate German defense than in Putin's aggression?

Then good night.