Original title: Heavy rain in India's Uttarakhand has killed 68 people and two trekking groups are missing many people

  Overseas Network, October 24. According to the "India Express" report, as of the 23rd local time, the rainstorm in Uttarakhand, India has caused 68 deaths.

At present, rescuers are still carrying out rescue operations to find the missing persons of the two trekking groups.

Data map: New Delhi, India, after a heavy rain, the road area was heavily watered, and people rode motorcycles through the road full of stagnant water.

  The Uttarakhand police stated that in the 11-person trekking group that were missing, 2 people have been rescued, 2 people are still missing, and the remains of 7 people were found, and the remains of 5 people from another 11-person tour group have also been recovered. Get it back.

  According to reports, since the evening of the 17th, Uttarakhand has been hit by heavy rains for three consecutive days, causing floods, landslides and large-scale property losses.

(Overseas Net Li Fang)

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