The fatal stabbing in Den Bosch in which a twenty-year-old woman died on Saturday evening could be followed live on Instagram.

"Very violent images" are also being distributed via social media, which are presumably uploaded by the 21-year-old suspect, a police spokesperson told

Omroep Brabant on

Sunday morning


"It appears that the images have been shared by the suspect," said a spokesperson.

It is not yet clear whether the woman from Den Bosch also made the images herself.

The police already have all the footage in their possession and are calling on people not to share the images with each other anymore.

"What would you think if this was your sister or girlfriend?", quotes

Omroep Brabant.

The woman from Den Bosch could already be arrested on Saturday evening.

Emergency services arrived too late to help the 20-year-old victim.

The woman had fled the home of the stabbing and had knocked on neighbors for help, but died there.

Dog stabbed eight times, condition stable

A dog, a male Fox Terrier, was also badly beaten and had to be rushed to an animal hospital in Waalwijk.

The animal ambulance reports in conversation with the regional broadcaster that the dog had been stabbed eight times and the injuries were found all over his body.

It is unclear whether the dog will survive the stabbing.

According to

Omroep Brabant

, the animal has been operated on and his situation is now stable, but veterinarians are taking into account that he could still die.

It is not yet clear who owns the dog.

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