A 'Sleep Bus Tour' product for people who just fall asleep on a bus has appeared in Hong Kong and is attracting attention. 

According to foreign media such as US Newsweek on the 21st local time, a sleeping bus tour around Hong Kong with sleeping passengers started operating on the 16th.

Kenneth Kong, manager of the travel agency that organized the tour, explained, "I developed a tour product inspired by a friend's writing that he couldn't sleep at night due to work stress, but he slept well while traveling on the bus." 

The ticket price for the sleeping bus, which runs for 5 hours, varies from $13 to $51 per person (approximately 15,000 to 60,000 won), depending on the seat.

All tickets for the first day of operation are sold out. 

On the first trip, the travel agency provided passengers with a package of sleeping aids, such as eye masks and earplugs.

Some passengers took out their own blankets and pillows to make it more comfortable to sleep. 

Sleeping Bus also provided a stop service for passengers to take pictures in scenic spots while running about 76 km.

Passengers took pictures at Lantau Island and the aircraft maintenance area near Hong Kong Airport, leaving unique memories.

Anson Kong, who participated in the sleep bus tour, said, "I came here to overcome insomnia and get a good night's sleep." "The tour was more fun than I thought." 

Another passenger, Marco Jung, said, "I usually sleep well on long-distance bus trips, so I joined the tour. It was a good opportunity to get a good night's sleep." 

"Most people in Hong Kong don't get enough sleep, so they have to find time to sleep when commuting," said Shirley Lee, Ph.D. at the Sleep Research Institute at the University of Hong Kong. and explained. 

This is a 'news pick'. 

(Photo = 'WTAJ News' YouTube capture, Ulu Travel Agency website)    

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