The clips, which are between one and three minutes long, she often records during the lunch break or after work.

- I feel that both my boss and my colleagues think it's fun that I, as a doctor, take a seat at Tiktok and other media, says Ghattas.

- Of course, it comes with a great responsibility.

The mix between social media and healthcare is still a very new thing, and we learn a lot along the way how we can best teach the people without making any mistakes along the way, says Ghattas.

Gives advice, not answers

Is it possible to diagnose someone just via a comment on Tiktok?

- No.

You need a history.

The best thing is if you can see the patient.

I try to say in my clips that if you are unsure, you should go to the health center or call 1177. What I give is advice, not answers, says Ghattas.

Get paid through collaborations

Ghattas does not get paid for his videos of Tiktok.

However, she has made some collaborations with companies via the app.

- I have made some collaborations, but then I am very careful that it is a company that I can stand for and that has some form of evidence behind it ... when it comes to medicines, I do not advertise or recommend specific drugs , but only the active substances, as I as a doctor want to stay as independent as I can.

Do you see yourself as a doctor or a tick-eater?

- I'm a doctor, not a Tiktokare.

When people say I'm influential, I just say: No, no no!

I'm a doctor and just teach, she says.

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