▲ The shooting site of 'Rust' where a small gun accident occurred

Some of the circumstances at the time were revealed when a female cinematographer in her 40s was killed by a prop gun fired by famous Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin while filming a movie.

According to the Associated Press on the 23rd local time, the assistant director of the film handed Baldwin a prop gun on the day of the incident and said it was a 'cold gun' meaning no live ammunition, but it turned out that bullets were actually loaded.

Baldwin pulled the trigger of a prop gun while rehearsing for the filming of the western 'Rust' at a ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico on the 21st. hit and died.

According to a search warrant submitted to the court by the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office, the assistant director picked up one of three props from outside the set and gave it to Baldwin, shouting 'Cold Gun'.

A 'cold gun' is an American film term for a prop gun filled with blanks and no live ammunition.

The assistant director stated that he had no idea the police were loaded with live ammunition.

Police did not apply criminal charges against Baldwin and the assistant director, who first saw it as an accident.

However, it is expected that this will affect the investigation as it was pointed out that gun safety regulations were not properly observed at the filming site of 'Rust'.

Five days before Hutchins' death, an accident occurred in which two live bullets were fired while Baldwin's subordinate was manipulating a 'cold gun' prop gun, but a safety investigation was not conducted.

According to U.S. Theater Actors' Union guidelines, gun shooting must be pre-fired, and weapon proprietors must check for safety prior to shooting.

The New Mexico Department of Health and Safety will work with police to investigate whether the crew of 'Rust' followed gun safety regulations.

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