• 22.50 Thursday 21 October, the police were alerted to Hammarby lake town in Stockholm after alarms from several residents in the area about loud bangs that sound like gunfire.

    At the scene, the 19-year-old rapper Nils "Einár" Grönberg is found shot dead.

  • Police are looking for perpetrators with several patrols and helicopters.

    According to police information, one or more people have run from the murder scene, witnesses have given evidence of this.

  • During the night towards Friday, the police work to secure footage and DNA at the crime scene, and hold interrogations with witnesses. 

  • Due to images that are spread online, the police on Friday issued a call not to contribute to the spread of images of crime victims on social media.

  • The police are also raising their preparedness for possible retaliatory actions.

  • The rapper Einár was called to testify as a plaintiff in the Court of Appeal trial against Vårbynätverket next week.

    During the district court hearing, Einár chose not to testify.

    The leader of the Vårbynätverket and several other people were convicted earlier this year for several serious crimes, including a notorious kidnapping of Einár last spring.

  • Einár lived under threat and had protected personal data.

    However, the address in Hammarby sjöstad where he was found shot appeared in court documents.

  • Einár was previously convicted of, among other things, minor drug offenses, assault and illegal driving.

    Earlier in October, Einár, together with other people, was arrested after a man was stabbed in central Stockholm.

    They were then released.

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