A dazzling musical performance by “The Paradise Orchestra” in “Jubilee Park”

The melodies of "Expo" fly between the planets with soft fingers

  • The orchestra performed a number of musical pieces during the evening.

    Photography: Ashok Verma

  • AR Rahman: "The band's special piece is dedicated to space explorers."


With high-end tunes played by the fingers of the Paradise Orchestra, “Expo 2020 Dubai” closed the curtain, last night, on Space Week, during a dazzling musical show at “Jubilee Park”, during which the band played a variety of picturesque pieces of music inspired by the world of space, in honor of space explorers. Top.

The ceremony, which was witnessed by a large audience of visitors to the "Expo Dubai", included pieces presented by the leading orchestra, whose members bring together 50 talented female instrumentalists led by Maestro Yasmina Sabbah, in addition to a special instrumental, with completely new melodies that have not been heard before, by the two-Oscar-winning musician. and Grammy, by A.R. Rahman.

The exhibition's large audience interacted with the enchanting musical piece presented by the orchestra in honor of the "first astronauts", in addition to the tunes of a number of classic films revolving around space, such as "Star Wars" and "Adventure on Earth", and the piece "Palladio by Car Jenkins". And the Fifth Symphony of Beethoven, before AR Rahman took the stage, and dazzled the audience with a completely new instrumental for “Expo Dubai” that extended for 15 minutes, and added deep spiritual feelings from the blending of light shows and visions of space planets, and the Middle Eastern rhythms that began with it. , including playing the oud, before gradually upgrading the creativity of the various musical instruments, which were accompanied by vocal chanting presented by elements of the orchestra.

The orchestra previously performed at the opening ceremony of Expo 2020 Dubai.

For his part, AR Rahman confirmed that the special piece presented by the band is dedicated to space explorers, adding: “I spent the past three months trying to prepare it, and I had a lot of ideas. This 15-minute clip is inspired by the first space exploration trips that took place in the past.”

AR Rahman continued, “There is a poetic, deep spiritual feeling when you see planets and space, so what would an Indian or oriental sound like when combined with a Western orchestra or instruments from the Middle East?

This is the idea, and it is an experience that I hope the audience will like.”

The Paradise Orchestra includes female players from 23 different nationalities, their ages ranged between 16 and 51, to demonstrate that the world of music is available to everyone and for everyone.

• 50 talents from 23 nationalities, included in the orchestra.

• The exhibition's large audience interacted with the enchanting pieces presented by the women's orchestra.

• The Oscar winner and “Grammy” transported the “Expo” audience to space with Yasmina Sabbah’s cane.

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