A gigantic txuletón weighing eleven kilos is already traveling to Malaga after an incredible story that links Andalusia with León and Zarautz.

The Okelan butcher shop of the Gesalaga family threw the house out of the window to buy a gigantic ox that exceeded 2,200 kilos in weight on the Leonese mountain.

A huge and tasty cutlet that for almost 100 days has been pampered in a huge cold room in Zarautz where pieces for the most exquisite palates are treasured.

Edur García Rebollo, rubs his hands and smiles, as he sees himself again on the screen of his mobile with the superlative txuletón that touched eleven kilos. "A txuletón de dinosaurio", recalls that exceptional piece that is already the envy of all meat lovers. A Basque txuletón with Leonese roots because the ox was raised "like a king" for almost 8 years in the Leonese mountains with a feeding of silage corn and grass. An exceptional animal of the 'minhota' breed, a variety developed between Portugal and Galicia that is the most coveted by the crawlers of the most select meat for the great European restaurants.

"There are breeds such as charolés or lace that gain weight and size more easily but their meat does not marinate, it lacks these streaks of fat that give it an unequaled texture and flavor", warns Edur García, a commercial for Okelan, the meat company that was born in the Otxazarreta farmhouse in Zarautz in 1978. Jose Cruz Gesalaga and Arantxa Aizpurua then began an adventure that 43 years later is a solid meat distribution business and the production and sale of croquettes under the Croqueta and Presumida brand.

"The croquettes are great as an aperitif and we even have txuletón, sirloin and jerky croquettes but for this txuletón I would only put a salad", jokes Edur, happy with the huge chops obtained by Okelan without revealing how much they paid for the Leonese beef . "We pay at the moment and in cash; and that is how you earn the confidence of the farmer", responds more seriously the commercial director of Okelan who, together with other large butcher shops, competes in this Champion League of the most select meat.

A competition that is played first in the most remote corners of Spain and Portugal. León, Asturias, Salamanca, Soria, northern Portugal and, of course, the Basque Country. "We are delighted with all the farmers who pamper their oxen because there is a large part of the quality secret that will reach the table", emphasizes Edur. Despite continuing to pull the bandwagon of fame, the Basque txuletón has had different quarries for years. The pull of the cider houses, where the veal, beef and beef chop is the star of the menu, has kept the art of the grill at the top.

Okelan, in fact, wanted to test with a grill championship the level of this culinary art that Bittor Arginzoniz, cook at Asador Etxebarri, personifies in Euskadi. "Spain is growing in quality and in quantity of good grill cooks and the final of grill masters showed us great specialists", summarizes the commercial manager of Okean. In the end, it was Oscar García del Txakoli Simón who took home the new Oscar of the barbecue created by the Basque butcher shop to give another boost to meat consumption.

A commitment to quality product that had the involuntary support of the Minister of Consumption Alberto Garzón.

"The truth is that the controversy of the minister made people react and increase the demand for special meat; like any food, you have to eat with your head and a good txuletón or a good sirloin a week is a pleasure," emphasizes García Rebollo while taking care of every last detail of the spectacular 11-kilo piece that will be enjoyed at the Selvatica restaurant in Malaga.

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