Shares of American electric vehicle maker Tesla hit an all-time high, hitting a new record high of $910 on the New York Stock Exchange.

Tesla recovered the so-called '900 sl' level thanks to strong 3Q earnings and is approaching the 'thousand slah' level.

The company's stock price has crossed $900 for the first time since January, and Tesla's market cap is $895.4 billion, surpassing 100 trillion won.

Tesla posted a record high of $1.62 billion in net profit in the third quarter despite a supply shortage of semiconductor chips, and is the driving force behind the stock price rise.

Meanwhile, New York stocks were mixed on earnings concerns from tech companies and inflation comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

The Dow rose slightly to an all-time high of 35,677.02, but the S&P 500, which reached an all-time high the day before, fell slightly to 4,544.90.

The tech-focused Nasdaq fell 0.82% to close at 15,090.20.

Snap's share price, which announced its earnings after the market close the day before, plunged more than 26% as the company said that changes in Apple's privacy protection rules could hurt advertising revenue. Share prices of companies also fell.

Tesla shares rose 1.75% to a new all-time high on strong earnings.

Meanwhile, Federal Reserve Chairman Powell said supply chain constraints and high inflation are likely to last longer than previously expected and well into next year.

"If we see inflation risks continuing to move higher, we will definitely use our tools to keep prices stable and full employment targets into account," Powell said.

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