A symposium on the theme of "cultured meat" made from cells collected from cattle and fish was held in the United States, calling for industry collaboration to establish technology for increasing cells faster, which is essential for successful mass production. I did.

Cultured meat is made by immersing cells collected from cows and fish in a special liquid containing nutrients such as proteins and amino acids and culturing them.

Since it is said that it emits less greenhouse gases than ordinary beef, it is attracting attention from an environmental perspective, and it is predicted that the market size will exceed 1.4 trillion yen in 2030.

The symposium, which began on the 22nd in San Francisco, USA, was attended by about 150 people, including start-up companies and experts involved in the development of cultured meat.

Among them, it was reported that although the technology for making cultured meat has advanced dramatically in the last few years, mass production has become an issue because it takes time to make it.

Then, industry cooperation was called for the establishment of technology for increasing cells more quickly and stably, which is indispensable for mass production.

In addition, it was discussed that it is necessary to obtain the understanding of consumers in order to disseminate it, and that it is necessary to disclose information such as how to make it and its ingredients.

Alex Syrage, the co-sponsor of the symposium, said, "I want to deepen my understanding of cultured meat technology and raise investment to boost the industry."

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