They emphasized that going to the "red planet" is not a matter of entertainment, but rather a necessity to serve the earth

Scientists at a symposium at the "Expo": Mars... a gold mine full of opportunities

Mars will be our future destination to live there.

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Space scientists have unanimously agreed that explorations of Mars are in the interest of a better understanding of the planet and its environmental challenges. Speakers, at the Expo 2020 Dubai Sustainability Pavilion, stated yesterday that going to Mars is not a matter of entertainment, but rather an imperative and a shared mission.

Imran Sharaf, director of the Emirates Mars Exploration Project (Hope Probe) and program manager at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, said in a session entitled: "Hope and Determination... Lessons from the Red Planet for a Better Life on Planet Earth": "Mars is completely diverse." And it has diverse challenges, and every country has a different challenge, so we must work together, and that is why the UAE decided to enter the space economy, and wanted to integrate into international efforts in a different way, more efficient, and less costs and time, thanks to cooperation.”

He continued: “We did not view it as a race to space, but rather as a collective work in the Emirates Mars Exploration Project with the efforts of 450 people who gathered to achieve this vision, including 200 people from different backgrounds, and we were able to complete the mission in six years at a cost of $200 million, and this is not Big cost.”

For his part, said scientist and researcher at the Space Science Center at New York University Abu Dhabi, Dr. Dimitra Atre: “Mars is like a gold mine full of opportunities, and we need to study history for a better present, because the present is an extension of what happened, so when some ask why we go to Mars , we answer that we go to four billion years ago, and our solar system had two planets, their names are the two sister planets, Earth and Mars, and both of them had abundant water on the surface, and we know how life originated on Earth, and how it evolved, but we do not know what happened on Mars, It is the biggest mystery, as Mars is a gold mine in terms of data and information.”

For his part, a scientist at the Department of Advanced Instrumentation at the National Institute of Aeronautical Technology in Spain, Dr. Jose Rodriguez, said, “Mars will be our future destination to live there, we do not go to Mars, and we spend that money for entertainment, but we need to, because Mars It offers us an opportunity to save the Earth by understanding the problems of our planet and solving the challenges it faces.”

The activities of the Space Week, which is the second among the ten weeks at Expo 2020 Dubai, ends today, and is held in cooperation with the Emirates Space Agency and the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, to provide a rich set of content and discussions to search for benefits, solutions and challenges for explorations outside the orbit of the planet.

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