Jacques Serais 7:16 am, October 23, 2021

The small town of Touques, very close to Deauville, will be the scene of a very political Saturday.

Eric Zemmour will be on hand to have his book signed, while an LREM spokesperson will walk the streets of this small town to tow in mailboxes.

It's a very political weekend that will take place in Calvados this weekend.

While Eric Zemmour must go to Touques, a town of just over 3,700 inhabitants just next to Deauville, LREM has decided to pound the pavement by sending one of its spokespersons on the spot.

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LREM does not intend to leave the field open to Éric Zemmour

The majority party has in fact warned the press that Prisca Thévenot, also regional councilor for Île-de-France, would carry out a "box" operation, in other words towing in letter boxes, in the afternoon. .

One way like any other to show that LREM does not intend to leave the field open to Eric Zemmour.

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However, not certain that Eric Zemmour and Prisca Thévenot cross paths: the author of

France has not said his last word

will be in dedication in the church of Saint-Pierre de Touques.

Quite a symbol for the very probable candidate who never ceases to recall the Christian roots of France.

And the fact that it's a desecrated church, which usually hosts exhibitions and concerts, doesn't really change that much.

But all the same, to prevent the signing session from turning into a political rally, all the chairs that were in the building were removed.

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