Deeply digging and thorough investigation to promote the normalization of "Umbrella Breaking the Net"

Anhui's review and supervision of 199 gang-related cases

  On the street of Bailong Community, Bailong Town, Feidong County, Anhui Province, on the side of the front room of Sister Hu’s house, a liquefied gas business operator, 4 bottles of 30-liter liquefied gas tanks are lined up at the entrance.

On the streets of Bailong Community, there are now 4 liquefied gas operators like this.

  Before April 2019, the liquefied gas market in Bailong Town had long been monopolized by evil groups headed by Sun Shihu and Sun Chenghao.

“Sun Chenghao and others forcibly required LPG operators to go to Bailong LPG station for air intake, on the other hand they violently prevented foreign operators from selling gas in Bailong Town.” Wang Haifeng, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Feidong County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Deputy Director of the Supervisory Committee According to the introduction, they also pretended to be personnel of the market supervision department to inspect and illegally detain the victim's gas tank.

  Under the vigorous offensive against evil, in the first half of 2019, the "Sun and Sons" evil gang in Feidong who had been on one side for many years was uprooted, 33 people were arrested, and 41 gang members including Sun Chenghao were sentenced to a certain period of time. Imprisonment ranging from 19 years to 4 months in detention.

After the incident, the Bailong LPG station no longer existed as the main operating entity, and the 22 party members and cadres involved in the case were also investigated.

  According to statistics, during the special struggle against gangsters, the disciplinary inspection and supervision agencies at all levels in Anhui Province filed and investigated 3,389 cases involving gangs, corruption, and "protective umbrella" and "relationship networks", 3,501 persons, 3,172 persons were given party discipline and government sanctions, and they were transferred to the procuratorial organs. 528 people, including 7 department-level cadres.

  The special struggle has ended, but the "Umbrella Breaking the Net" has not let go.

  In June of this year, Xu Rongjun, a former full-time member of the Trial Committee of the People's Court of Nanqiao District, Chuzhou City, was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Xu Rongjun's investigation and punishment is one of the results of Anhui Province's normalized promotion of "Umbrella Breaking the Net" this year.

  Since 2019, the Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection has taken the implementation of review and supervision as an effective practice and a long-term mechanism, and has carried out four rounds of special review and supervision with relevant departments, focusing on the criminal and key crimes that have been investigated by the public security organs, and proceeded one by one. Screen and seriously investigate and deal with the dereliction of duty, lack of work and the "umbrella net" behind the case.

Xu Rongjun was the "fish that slipped through the net" discovered in the third round of review and supervision and was detained in January this year.

  "Each round of review and supervision, we re-examine all case files and talk to key criminal suspects, whistleblowers, victims, and case handlers." According to the person in charge of the relevant department of the Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, it was launched in March this year. In the four rounds of review and supervision, the supervision team screened the 25 newly detected criminal cases involving gangs since the end of October last year, and handed over 27 clues on issues involving public officials.

So far, Anhui Province has achieved full coverage review and supervision of 199 gangster-related cases investigated and handled by the public security organs since the special struggle against gangsters and evil.

  In July this year, Anhui Province promulgated the "Regulations for Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Organs to Normalize the Punishment of Triad-related Corruption and "Umbrellas"", which consolidated and summarized the good experience and practices in the special struggle, retained and optimized the joint contract case, review supervision, and supervision. Effective scheduling promotion and coordinated linkage working mechanisms such as synchronized filing.

At the same time, it has clarified the division of responsibilities among the various departments within the discipline inspection and supervision agency, especially the centralized management of problem clues, case investigation, coordination and cooperation, etc., to highlight the operability.

  Focusing on the normalization of the promotion of anti-crime and evil supervision and disciplinary accountability, the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a work reminder to urge the province’s discipline inspection and supervision agencies to handle all the 127 "corruption net" issue clues and 33 filed cases accepted by the end of 2020. End, follow-up to promote reforms.

The province has newly issued 87 disciplinary inspection and supervision recommendations and work reminders, and urged all rectifications to be in place.

  In the investigation and handling of cases, the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervisory Committee has continuously promoted the clearance of clues, settlement of accumulated cases, "umbrella net" inspections and "two books" clearance, and normalized tracking of criminal and criminal cases under investigation and digging deep. Thoroughly investigate the "umbrella net" problem behind the case.

From January to September this year, the province filed and investigated 135 cases of "corrupt umbrella net", 168 people, 115 people were given party discipline and government sanctions, and 26 people were transferred to procuratorial organs.

  To promote the long-term effect of regular governance, the "second half of the article" must be implemented.

Chuzhou City resonates with the normalization of warning education and the normalization of "opening umbrellas and breaking the Internet" at the same frequency. Since the beginning of this year, through the compilation and printing of warning education readings, notifications on violations of discipline and laws by police officers in the political and legal system, etc., the case has been cleared, and disciplinary inspection and supervision recommendations have been used. Promote relevant units to find the crux of the problem in depth.

Taking the case of Cen Guangxuan, the former deputy secretary of the party committee and political commissar of the Langxi County Public Security Bureau investigated and dealt with, Ningguo City organized the shooting of warning education films.

  “In the next step, we will focus on the key tasks we lead, keep a close eye on criminal and major crime-related cases, strengthen coordination with political and legal agencies, and file the case simultaneously, and thoroughly investigate the'umbrella net' problem behind the case.” Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection The relevant person in charge of the Commission stated that the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection will, based on its functions and responsibilities, work with relevant units to focus on evil forces such as "sand bulls", "mining bulls" and "village bulls" as well as the corruption and "protective umbrella" problems behind them. Weak hands and earnestly safeguard the legitimate interests of the people.

  Our reporter Chen Duorun Correspondent Gaudi

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