China News Service, October 23. According to Peru’s “Gazette” report, the new crown epidemic data released by the Peruvian Ministry of Health on October 22 showed that the cumulative number of confirmed cases reached 2,194,132, and the cumulative number of deaths reached 200,003.

There are still 3383 people hospitalized and 2,172,319 people have recovered.

  Peru’s Health Minister Hernando Ceballos emphasized that the target Peruvian epidemic has been stably controlled, and the death rate across the country has not increased significantly, thanks to the further expansion of the scope of new crown vaccination.

  The report pointed out that the decline in the number of infections made it possible for Peru to relax its epidemic prevention and control measures, thereby accelerating the pace of economic recovery.

In addition, the night curfew has been reduced to two hours, and large restaurants are now operating at 100% capacity.

  However, the Peruvian government urges the public not to be careless, because the new crown virus currently dominating in Peru is a mutant strain of Delta, which is highly contagious, and there is still a possibility of a third wave of epidemics.

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