The North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a discourse on the US-China conflict over Taiwan, saying that "the enormous military power of the United States around Taiwan is always exerted on us. It is trying to crush Japan and China." He blamed him and emphasized his joint pace with China, the largest financial supporter.

While China is increasing military pressure over Taiwan, the US-China conflict is intensifying as the US Navy trains with five countries, including Japan and the United Kingdom, in the surrounding waters this month.

Under these circumstances, North Korean Foreign Ministry Deputy Minister Park Myung-ho announced a discourse on the 23rd through the state-owned Korean Central News Agency.

In this, "The US military stationed in the south is being used to pressure China, and the enormous military power of the United States around Taiwan is always put into us. Japan and China, which are socialist nations. We are trying to crush them together. "

He defended China's position by showing that Taiwan is a part of China and saying, "Taiwan's problem is a problem that belongs to China's internal affairs."

For North Korea, while trade is restricted and the economy is hit by measures against the infection of the new coronavirus, it is a form that appeals the joint pace with China, which is the largest economic support country and is in conflict with the United States.

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