The Mayor of Nagano election will be announced on the 24th due to the expiration of his term, and three newcomers are expected to run for office.

Kenji Ogiwara (51)

, an independent newcomer who has announced his candidacy for the Mayor of Nagano election, is a

winter Olympic gold medalist and former member of the House of Councilors.

▽ Mr. Ryuichiro Tsuchiya (60), an officer of an education-related company in Nagano City.

▽ There are three people in total, including Yurie Yuri (58), a former childcare worker.

Nagano City has a population of over 370,000.

Mayor Hisao Kato, who is currently in the second term, has announced that he will retire for this term only, and is expected to have an election campaign for three newcomers.

In the election campaign, it is

expected that there will be debates about

recovery and reconstruction from the damage caused by typhoon No. 19, which caused great damage, and

measures against the new coronavirus.

The Mayor of Nagano election will be voted on the 31st of this month, the same as the House of Representatives election, and will be counted on the same day.