Maximilien Carlier, edited by Solène Leroux 7:37 p.m., October 23, 2021

The socialist family was gathered in Lille this afternoon.

The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo has been officially invested by the party for the 2022 presidential election. The opportunity for the candidate to kick off her electoral campaign.

Many have made the trip to support their candidate. 

Nearly 1,500 people gathered in Lille for Anne Hidalgo.

In the room, the activists came from all over France, from Marseille and Nancy in particular.

In addition to the supporters, undecided young people made the trip.

In the crowd, many French and European flags, but also posters "Hidalgo 2022".

Rose in hand, the Socialist Party candidate detailed some proposals of her program.

"We will open to those who want it the right to die with dignity. I would like a law to frame this new right from next year," she said.


 "We can win": socialist activists want to believe in the chances of Hidalgo

A climate TFR for wealthy households

The candidate also spoke of her labor policy: "It will first of all be that of a decent remuneration for each and every one, worthy for the first of the drudgery, by increasing wages. We will put in place a universal unemployment insurance." The mayor of Paris has also announced that she wants to create a climate wealth tax (ISF), which will weigh on wealthy households whose heritage emits more carbon. Ads that appealed to activists and supporters. They now hope that this will revive Anne Hidalgo's campaign.

By giving some tracks of his program, the Parisian councilor hopes to reassure while for the moment it is only credited with 4% to 7% of the voting intentions in the first round according to an Ipsos-Sopra Steria poll for

Le Parisien

and franceinfo.

In addition, nearly seven supporters of the left in ten want a single campaign, even if they are 64% to consider that this union of the left is impossible.

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