The use of social media for educational purposes is nothing new.

On Instagram, among other places, users can find everything from accounts that teach you how to invest money to how to cook financially.

- I would say that it is significantly larger on platforms such as Youtube and Instagram.

Where you have for a long time seen accounts and channels that are there to spread knowledge and information in an engaging way, says Winther.

But there is reason to be careful when using the feature.

- It will be problematic if the tag is instead used to spread disinformation, conspiracy theories and the kind of content that there is a big problem around.

This applies not only to TikTok but to all social networks and this is a matter for the platform.

The extent to which they go in and actually moderate the content, says Winther.

In the clip above, you can see how SVT's reporter in a highly unscientific experiment tests two new knowledge from Tiktok.