Palestinian youths in the northwest of the West Bank managed to ambushed a number of Israeli soldiers during clashes that erupted yesterday, Friday, after a weekly anti-settlement march, before throwing stones at them.

A video clip that spread widely on social media showed a number of young men in Kafr Qaddoum village (east of Qalqilya governorate) infiltrating behind the occupation soldiers while they were holding stones, to surprise them by throwing stones directly at them. live bullets and rubber-coated metal, before they climbed the mountain in an attempt to catch up with the young men.

In the videos, I heard the voices of other youths encouraging what these youths did, by chanting takbeers and motivational phrases such as "Keep Hit Hit".

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It is noteworthy that the residents of Kafr Qaddoum go out every week in a march against settlements, and to demand the opening of the village road, which has been closed for more than 17 years, for the benefit of the "Qaddumim" settlement built on village lands.

The coordinator of the Popular Resistance Committees in Kafr Qaddum, Murad Ishtiwi, stated that severe confrontations erupted after the start of the Kafr Qaddoum march, in which the youths used stones and empty bottles, while the soldiers responded with live bullets and rubber-coated metal, and the confrontations resulted in the injury of 3 demonstrators.

Ishtiwi said that the occupation army has been blocking a street in the village of Kafr Qaddoum with earth mounds for a week, with the aim of impeding citizens' access to their lands to pick olives, adding that the occupation continues to prevent dozens of citizens from reaching their lands adjacent to the Qadumim settlement.

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