China News Service, Kunming, October 23 (Xiaohang Zhou) The 7-day "Cross-Strait Youth Viewing Yunnan" event ended in Kunming on the 23rd.

The event focused on interviewing and experiencing intangible cultural heritage. Media professionals from both sides of the strait traveled to many places in Yuxi City, Yunnan Province to experience the Yuxi Lantern Opera, Miaoshanxue Women’s Cave Music, Tonghai Gaotai, Xinping County Huayao Dai costumes and other intangible cultural heritage projects.

  Taiwanese singer and actor Wei Huini told a reporter from China News Agency that the place of visit was natural, primitive and human, "like a paradise."

Yunnan culture is colorful in her eyes, "mysterious and colorful" "like the belt of Huayao Dai costumes".

Huayao Dai is a name given to the Dai people living in Xinping and Yuanjiang counties in the upper and middle reaches of the Red River.

It is named for its colorful costumes, brilliant colors, dazzling silver ornaments, and layers of colored brocade belts.

In Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County, I tried wearing Huayao Dai costumes. Wei Huini was very impressed with the "flowers, birds, and insects" belts.

She said that Huayao Dai's love for nature and care for the environment are reflected in life.

As an actor, Wei Huini believes that different experiences including traditional culture can provide her with nourishment and help her understand and interpret the role.

  Once on the shore of Fuxian Lake, Taiwanese self-media person Cai Ruyu felt both familiar and amazing. She said that Fuxian Lake is very blue and well protected, and the lakeside is similar to Taiwan's seaside scenery.

She has a deep impression of the car-water fishing experience in the lake. This unique fishing method is based on the characteristics of the fish swimming up the water when the car is in the water. , Swimming law and other factors weave, very clever.

Cai Ruyu believes that traditional culture allows both sides of the strait to better understand each other's history, and to better create the future by understanding traditions.

  Tonghai High Platform is a form of pavilion lifting performance retained in the traditional festivals and folklore activities of Tonghai County, Yunnan Province. It is a mobile stage mostly based on drama stories. , Austere and strange" characteristics.

The special iron rod used as the backbone has a certain load-bearing capacity, and children will not be able to go to the high platform when they grow up. Now, there are always new children in Qijie Village, Sijie Town, Tonghai County who learn about the high platform.

This impressed Taiwanese self-media person Chen Haoqun. He said that this kind of inheritance allowed the continuation of a national memory and a historical process.

The Tonghai High Platform reminds Chen Haoqun of Taiwan’s stilts. “When you see this process, you will find that the cultures on both sides of the strait are really of the same origin and the same origin.” Chen Haoqun expects more Taiwanese friends to come to the mainland to experience and experience.


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