Roblox is a global gaming platform that is said to have over 40 million active users worldwide every day.

Two of them are Uppsala residents Vilda Malm and Ella Vackt.

- It's very fun, you kind of do not want to quit, says Ella Vackt.

Access to violent games

Roblox has previously been criticized for shortcomings in the control over which games are published on the platform, that children access violent games and has been invited to "sex rooms".

Through the Duo app, Lilla Aktuellt conducted a survey, in which every fourth person (586 out of 2,218 respondents) stated that they experienced something strange or unpleasant.

"Undressed all clothes"

Vilda Malm was involved in one of the games.

- A person came into my house and took off all his clothes.

I knew it was a game, but it was still uncomfortable because it felt real, she says.

When asked what the company behind Roblox does to keep children safe, the answer is:

"It is our responsibility to ensure that Roblox is a safe place and we are quick to check for inappropriate content or behavior that violates our rules."

The company also points out that parents can set a 13-year age limit on the platform.

In the clip above, Vilda and Ella tell more about their gambling - and tell about situations they experienced as unpleasant.

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