Despite the rapidly increasing corona numbers, the British government has ruled out another lockdown to contain the pandemic.

"Thanks to the vaccines, we are in a very different situation than a year ago," said UK Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak in an interview with the Times on Saturday.

There are a number of possible measures against the spread of the virus in winter, "but these options do not include lockdowns or other significant restrictions on the economy."

In the event of a worsening corona situation in England, the government is planning a so-called Plan B, which, however, only includes shallow measures such as the reintroduction of the mask requirement or the recommendation to work from home again.

Despite the recent 50,000 new infections per day and a sharp increase in corona deaths, the London government does not yet want to implement this Plan B itself.

Since mid-July there have been virtually no corona measures in England.

Warning of "Lockdown Christmas"

The immunologist Peter Openshaw, who also sits on a government advisory body, warned in a BBC interview of another "lockdown Christmas". Unless restrictions are imposed immediately, the situation will inevitably develop dramatically. He advised the British to be careful. “Do everything in your power to reduce the spread. Don't wait for the government to change its laws. ”The faster you act, the greater the chance of Christmas with the family.

On Thursday, the number of new corona infections in Great Britain exceeded the 50,000 threshold for the first time since July.

The authorities announced on Thursday that 52,009 infections were registered within 24 hours.

The government had already rejected calls to reintroduce the protective measures that were lifted in July.

"We are sticking to our plan," said Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

"The number of infections is high, but we are within the range of predictions." 79 percent of those over twelve in Great Britain have already received two doses of vaccine against the coronavirus.

The government recommends booster vaccinations for all Britons over fifty and those with poor health.

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