According to CNN, the administration of US President Joe Biden is launching a program that allows Afghans to settle and work in the United States.

In addition, it is planned to restore the migration centers closed during the presidency of Donald Trump.

“This is, frankly, an amazing opportunity to accomplish what our veterans asked for - to arrange a safe and dignified reception for the Afghans who served side by side with us in Afghanistan and now want to build their lives here,” said the ex-governor of the state Delaware Jack Markell.

According to the Biden administration's program, some Afghan families will be moved to American families who participate in charitable programs.

Refugees will also receive a lump sum of $ 2,275 and help from the authorities in placing children in local schools.

On Friday, October 22, US President Joe Biden approved the allocation of almost $ 1 billion from the federal budget for the resettlement of Afghan refugees.