China News Service, Beijing, October 23 (Reporter Liang Xiaohui) The 31st meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress deliberated and passed the Land Border Law on the 23rd.

  The Land Border Law has seven chapters and sixty-two articles.

The main contents include:

  The first is to clarify the basic content of the leadership system, department responsibilities, military tasks, and local people's government responsibilities for territorial border work.

  The second is the delineation and survey of land borders.

The procedures for delimitation and demarcation of national borders, joint inspection of national borders and the setting of border markings have been standardized.

  The third is the defense of land borders and borders.

It stipulates the relevant responsibilities of the People's Liberation Army and the Armed Police Force in border defense control, the responsibilities of local people's governments at all levels to support and coordinate border defense control, the delineation and management of border restricted areas, and the construction and maintenance of border defense infrastructure.

  The fourth is the management of land borders and borders.

Among them, the management of land borders includes the protection of boundary markers and border defense infrastructure in accordance with the border management system agreements concluded with relevant land neighbors, the management of sight lines, border rivers, border ports, border crossings, exit and entry management, and combating illegal border crossings; borders; Management includes the delineation of border management areas, support for the construction of border towns, border trade areas (points), and border ecological protection.

  Fifth, international cooperation on land border affairs.

Including related sector cooperation, such as the Joint Border Commission, Border Defense Cooperation Mechanism, and border representatives; security cooperation, such as cracking down on cross-border illegal and criminal activities, cracking down on the "three forces", etc.; economic cooperation and cultural exchanges, etc.

The main purpose is to carry out relevant international cooperation in accordance with the principle of equality and mutual benefit, and to consolidate and develop good-neighborly and friendly relations.

  Gao Jinlu, Director of the Bills Office of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People's Congress, pointed out that, on the whole, China lacks a comprehensive and basic law at the national level to coordinate and regulate the top-level design, management system, and legal responsibilities of national border work, as well as the actual needs of national border work. Does not match.

Over the years, many NPC deputies have put forward relevant bills and suggestions, and relevant parties and border provinces and districts have also continued to promote the legislative process.

  Gao Jinlu pointed out that the formulation of a land border law to provide basic compliance with the legal system for national border work is conducive to ensuring the establishment of a complete system, matching of powers and responsibilities, coordination between the top and bottom, and a scientific and standardized legal system for border work, and effectively advancing the land border governance system and Modernize governance capabilities.


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