Carry forward the spirit of the Long March and strive to strengthen the army (national defense sight)

  —— Commemorating the 85th Anniversary of the Victory of the Long March of the Red Army of Chinese Workers and Peasants

  From October 1934 to October 1936, the First, Second, and Fourth Front Army and the 25th Army of the Red Army conducted a great long march.

This earth-shattering revolutionary feat is a magnificent epic written by the Communist Party of China and the Red Army, and a majestic monument in the historical process of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

  The Red Army troops that survived the 25,000-mile Long March have become the "seed" troops of the People's Army today, and they have successfully completed various missions and tasks entrusted by the party and the people on the new Long March.

On the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the victory of the Long March of the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army, let us study party and military history together, and explore the fine traditions, red genes, and spirit of the Red Army's determination to fight for a strong army.


  A brigade of the 78th Group Army "Breaks through the Wujiang First Company"——

  Continue to write new glory

  Our reporter Li Zhuoer

  At the end of September, at a training ground in northern Xinjiang, the fifth company of a brigade of the 78th Army was undergoing a combat shooting assessment.

The No. 1 car shooter and company commander Guo Xiangwei took the lead in firing.

Just listen to the sound of "boom", a shell accurately hit the bullseye.

Other car groups followed closely, and in an instant, there was a lot of gunpowder, and several shells roared straight to the target.

  This fifth company is the hero company known as the "Breakthrough Wujiang First Company".

  In January 1935, the company followed the main force of the Red Army to the south bank of the Wujiang River.

Since ancient times, the Wujiang River has been a natural barrier connecting Guizhou to the south and north.

  At Chashan Pass, facing the turbulent river and the enemy’s artillery fire on the opposite shore, without a ferry or heavy firearms, the company, as an advance group assault company, was the first to rush to the opposite bank of the Wujiang River, as the main force of the cover troops crossed the river smoothly. Made outstanding contributions.

In February 1935, the company was awarded the honorary title of "Breakthrough Wujiang First Company".

  Since then, the revolutionary pride of "there is no natural danger in front of the Fifth Company" has been integrated into the blood of officers and soldiers.

"It has become the spiritual consensus of generations of company officers and soldiers to be able to rush to the critical moment, to overcome the crisis, and to give priority to party members in the face of difficulties." Guo Xiangwei said.

  In 2017, the company was reorganized as a whole, and the equipment was fully updated. Many subjects needed to be practiced from scratch.

With no teaching materials and no instructors, the company set up a research team to study with great concentration. In less than 3 months, they thoroughly researched the new equipment, and the training methods they explored were promoted throughout the brigade, and they also developed a set of " The gear locking device" effectively eliminates the hidden danger of "crawling" caused by the driver's misgating.

In the year of deployment, the company formed an overall combat capability.

  Last year, the company participated in a cross-regional exercise for the first time.

In the face of an unfamiliar environment, all the officers and soldiers of the company dared to take charge and charge ahead.

Company commander Guo Xiangwei’s wife was nearing childbirth, and he postponed his vacation to ensure that live ammunition was fired; Zhu Hongen, the fourth-ranking sergeant chief who was about to be demobilized, voluntarily asked Ying to "strike the front station", enter the camp in advance, fight the heat and fight the sand; the long-range mobile chariot accident Sliding sideways and falling into a deep ditch, chassis technician Wang Zhanqiang worked hard to repair the equipment, and finally turned the danger to a breeze...

  Behind the courageous tackling is the inheritance of the red blood.

Company instructor Yang Songqiao introduced that the first stop for recruits was the company honor room, and the first class was about company history.

They also routinely carried out the "nine leading activities" such as party members taking the lead in energizing the military, and party members taking the lead in overcoming difficulties, in order to encourage officers and soldiers to inherit the red gene and strive to be descendants of the Red Army.

"The officers and soldiers of the company have gradually formed the action consciousness of'all the Red Army companies and the successors of the Red Army', and they dare to take the lead and devote themselves to the practice of strengthening the army with practical actions!" Yang Songqiao said.

  The "Red Company" of a brigade of the 83rd Army——

  Live up to the times and create new brilliance

  Our reporter Li Longyi

  "During the Long March of the Red Army in 1935, Comrade Mao Zedong and the officers and soldiers of our company sat together and ate a meal of boiled pumpkins with the seized red dish, encouraging everyone to carry the revolution to the end under the leadership of the party branch..." Late Autumn, No. 83 Zheng Jiwen, the instructor of the "Red Company" of a certain brigade of the group army, told the officers and soldiers the story of the "red dish" at the Lien History Museum.

  More than 80 years have passed. The red dish that has witnessed the long history of the company’s battles in the north and south has become the "heirloom" of the officers and soldiers of the "Red Company". Strive unremittingly and forge ahead.

  The "Red Company" is a Red Army company with a long history.

  During the Long March, the "Red Company" listened to and followed the Party, and contributed to the victory of the Long March: it has repeatedly assumed the responsibilities of the advance squad, participated in more than 100 battles and battles, fought the Xiangjiang River, forcibly crossed the Wujiang River, outsmarted Zunyi City, and Sidu Chishui City. There are company officers and soldiers.

  "In order to save the country and the people, the revolutionary ancestors climbed over snow-capped mountains and walked through grasslands at all costs. As the "successors" of the "Red Company", how can we not charge ahead?" held in March this year At the story meeting of the company's strong army, party member Hu Changchun took the initiative to share his thoughts.

  "Forging the ability to defeat the enemy is the'Luzikou' that our revolutionary soldiers will conquer in the new era!" At the end of the sharing, Hu Changchun concluded.

  The officers and soldiers of the company continued to draw strength from the spirit of the Great Long March and march forward courageously on the road to a strong army.

In April of this year, while preparing for an international military competition, a group of fighters, Cui Wenke, accidentally injured his foot. Coupled with the recurrence of the old injuries he trained last year, the pain was unbearable.

  "It's better to rest for a month!" The comrades in arms said with concern.

  "I understand my injury, it's not serious at all, don't worry, everyone." Facing the pain, Cui Wenke didn't flinch at all.

At that time, it was the critical stage of preparing for the game. In order to return to the training ground as soon as possible, Cui Wenke insisted on rehabilitating and training under the guidance of doctors every day, and finally returned to the team two weeks later.

  "Compared with the revolutionary predecessors, my injury is nothing!" In his heart, the company's heroic deeds of climbing snow-capped mountains and crossing the grass during the Long March have always been the motivation to inspire him to move forward.

In the end, Cui Wenke and his comrades completed the race with excellent results. The car group where they belonged won the gold medal, and Cui Wenke was also selected as the "best driver".

  Zhang Zikun, director of the political work department of the brigade, saw the hard work of the officers and soldiers of the brigade, and was moved in his heart: "The great spirit of the Long March has always inspired us to forge ahead. Brilliance!"

  A brigade of the 82nd Army "Flyed the Second Red Company of Luding Bridge"——

  Inherit the tradition to meet new challenges

  Our reporter Liu Botong

  At the beginning of September this year, officers and men of the "Flying Luding Bridge Red Second Company" participated in a real-force exercise, and their "material guards" were attacked by "enemy" during transportation.

"Forge to the rear of the'enemy'!" The officers and soldiers calmly and quickly took countermeasures.

  During the rush, the team leader Wu Jin's knee was cut with a big hole.

In order to continue the action, Wu Jin continued to lead the team to charge despite the pain, and the materials were finally transported to the target area smoothly.

  A brigade of the 82nd Army "Flying the Luding Bridge Red Second Company" was established in 1925.

During the Long March, the company's regiment was ordered to seize the Luding Bridge to ensure that the main Red Army crossed the river.

After the officers and soldiers of the company arrived, the bridge was destroyed, leaving only 13 iron cables.

At a critical juncture, the company's 22 commandos climbed on the swaying iron rope and desperately seized the Luding Bridge.

After the war, 22 commandos were hailed as the "Twenty-two Warriors Flying Over Luding Bridge."

  Although it has been reorganized and transferred many times, the "Bridge, Not Life" Lian Soul has always been passed on in the company.

  At the head of Luding Bridge, the platoon leader Zang Yaqi of the "Flying the Luding Bridge Red Second Company" has a video connection with his company comrades.

"If you meet on a narrow road, the brave wins. The reason why the Red Army can create miracles is precisely because of their persistence in faith and desire for victory!" Zang Yalin said.

  During the Lianqing period this year, the "Flying the Luding Bridge Red Second Company" sent representatives of party members to return to the heroic land, to visit the place where 22 warriors fought bloody days, and to inspire officers and soldiers to remember their original mission.

  "I am the descendant of the Red Second Company, I swear: firm ideals and beliefs, keep in mind the original mission, resolutely obey orders, absolutely reliable and loyal..." The solemn oath of the officers and soldiers echoed for a long time.

  Inspired by Lian Hun and Lian Shi, the officers and soldiers of the company always uphold the spirit of seizing the bridge, overcome difficulties and dare to be the first.

The company has been rated as "Advanced Unit for Grassroots Construction" by superiors for 30 consecutive years.

  “We still retain the traditions of calling for the souls every night, singing consecutive songs, performing tasks and playing honor flags, and eating traditional meals on major festivals.” Instructor Song Chaofan said that through these activities, we will lead officers and soldiers to inherit the red blood and strive to be descendants of the Red Army. .

  This year, the company launched a martial arts competition "Being a vanguard to win and being a loyal warrior".

After fierce competition, 22 officers and soldiers were finally elected this year's "22 Warriors of the New Era".

  "We must inherit and carry forward the fearless spirit of the revolutionary ancestors, practice hard to kill the enemy, and fulfill the sacred mission entrusted to us by the party and the people!" said the newly elected "warrior" Hou Lei excitedly.

  "Red Army Artillery Company" of a brigade of the 80th Group Army——

  Inherit the spirit and train new skills

  Our reporter Liu Botong

  "We are the glorious'Red Army Artillery Company', and Weiwei Jinggang is the cradle..." Not long ago, at the recruiting ceremony of the "Red Army Artillery Company" of a brigade of the 80th Group Army, officers and soldiers lined up neatly, and the song "Red Army Artillery Company Song" Bring people's thoughts back to the war years of the Long March period.

  The "Red Army Artillery Company" was born in July 1930 and was the first mountain artillery company of the Red 3rd Army.

In May 1935, the Central Red Army prepared to forcibly cross the Dadu River.

In the early morning of the 25th, 17 warriors formed a crossing assault team. The then company commander Zhao Zhangcheng was responsible for the artillery cover.

  However, there is a huge disparity between the enemy and our forces, and there are many hidden forts at the cliff pass. The "17 warriors" were violently attacked as soon as they came ashore.

Zhao Zhangcheng was in danger, carrying a mortar without a gun mount and the remaining 3 shells. He held up the barrel in his left hand, raised his right thumb, and filled the shells into the chamber...The enemy was repelled by a sudden shelling.

The "seventeen warriors" took advantage of the momentum to win the crossing point, and the vanguard of the Red Army successfully crossed the river.

The legendary story of "three shells turning the tide" came out from this.

  Dare to win at a critical moment, and the sound of artillery shocks the enemy.

For decades, the spirit of "three shells to turn the tide" has been passed down in the hearts of generations of officers and soldiers.

In this company, every year recruits go to the company and new cadres arrive. The first activity to participate in is to visit the company honor room. The first song sung is "Red Army Artillery Company Lian Song", and the first class is "Company Heroes". story".

  Entering the honor room of the company, Corporal Chen Caowei looked at the award certificates and the pictures, and burst into the fighting spirit of winning: "If you want to win a decisive battle at a critical moment, the key is to base yourself on the battle position and drill deeply. Research carefully and cultivate new skills!"

  In 2014, the company took part in a cross-regional exercise. Faced with the temporary aircraft, the then company commander, Yang Weijie, responded calmly and commanded the fourth squad of the artillery to achieve a good result of "five rounds and five middles"; in July last year, the "Red Army Artillery Company" participated in live ammunition. Shooting assessment, there was a sudden rainstorm on the day of the assessment, the officers and soldiers worked quickly, and finally successfully completed the shooting assessment, with an excellent rate of 98%...

  Since the formation of the company, it has successively won the collective first-class merit 1 time and the second-class merit 7 times.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the company has been commended by superiors as the "Advanced Company for Grassroots Construction" every year, and the company's party branch has been named an "Advanced Grassroots Party Organization" for 50 consecutive years, becoming a model benchmark for brigade grassroots construction.

  "All officers and soldiers of the company will always carry forward the spirit of daring to fight and win, keep a close eye on the front line of struggle, lay a solid foundation for decisive victory through real training, real test and real evaluation, and live up to the sacred mission!" said instructor Xing Shaojun.

  (Xiang Jiaqi, Han Jiayang, Wang Ning, Xu Rui, Tao Ran participated in the writing)

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