Rio de Janeiro (AFP)

His return was recorded in June 2020 by a surveillance camera located on the site of Burle Mark, a nature reserve located in the west of Rio de Janeiro.

From these images, a group of biologists from Rio de Janeiro State University began to track the puma, whose presence has been confirmed in other nearby natural parks.

It is about the reappearance of a species and not only of an individual, assured to the newspaper Estadao the biologist Jorge Pontes, who took part in the study.

This puma had yet been officially declared an extinct species in the municipal list of endangered species, according to this newspaper.

The puma is not considered a globally threatened species, but "vulnerable" in Brazil and the state of Rio de Janeiro due to the reduction of its habitat and hunting, according to the scientific journal Check List, who also reported on his reappearance in Rio de Janeiro.

The puma concolor, also called a mountain lion, can reach 2.3 meters in width and exceed 70 kg.

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