Expo restaurants will be held on an area equivalent to 7 football fields

Ain Expo.. Flavors from 192 countries.. dazzle the senses

  • An unprecedented journey of cuisines, flavors and experiences.

    Photography: Ashok Verma


"Expo 2020 Dubai" allocates a dining area, the size of which is equivalent to seven football fields.

The venue offers its guests unique flavors and innovative culinary ideas, guiding the senses to the tastes of the 192 countries participating in the World Expo.

Visitors will be able to identify and experience many unique flavors, when they are done enjoying their time between the wings and feeling hungry.

open kitchen

The culinary experiences around the fair, by the world's finest Michelin-starred chefs, take lovers of new flavors on exceptional tasting tours of culinary traditions from different countries, regions and cultures.

Some star chefs dedicate the fusion of international cuisines, by blending the tastes of East and West, to create unique flavors.

Among the most important fine dining experiences that await visitors today, is the experience of the “Schengen Lounge” restaurant in the Luxembourg Pavilion in the “Opportunity” area, where the food is based on a cultural mixture of Emirati and Luxembourgish cuisine, led by Chef, Kim Kevin de Doud, a Michelin star winner, responsible for The restaurant's prestigious menu, via an open kitchen experience, allows visitors to enjoy watching the food being prepared live.

"Steak" in the Czech way

From culinary tours and gourmet dishes, to street meals and mixed dishes, passing through local flavours, Expo 2020 Dubai offers, through more than 200 dining outlets, an unprecedented adventure to explore the world in one place, with an experience of more than 50 international cuisines offering classics. Kitchens and their folklore rooted in time.

Perhaps the Czech Republic’s cuisine, located at the entrance to the Sustainability Gate, is the greatest evidence of the exhibition’s victory for local kitchen experiences around the world, with its choices of authentic flavors of the country, while the national restaurant’s menu includes foods such as traditional beef broth, Czech-style “steak” steaks with Potato pancakes, and a number of delicious local dishes and flavours.

food and singing

Australia Pavilion in the "mobility" area, its restaurants "Melbourne Line" and "The Local" offer their guests a long list of popular Australian foods and drinks, in a beautiful natural environment accompanied by live musical and lyrical performances.

«Kitchen Talabat»

The shared dining experience enables visitors to eat their meals in open dining halls, such as the experience of the African food hall “Kibulan”, and the newly opened food hall “Raisin Flavors”, which serves the cuisine of eight chefs from the Middle East, belonging to Kuwait, the Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman, and Qatar. and Bahrain.

The place also offers a long list of regional restaurants favorite by many, and visitors only have to order food using the “Talabat Kitchen” application, to be brought by the delivery person or the robot.

Creative drinks

An unprecedented journey of cuisine, flavors and experiences begins, during which visitors discover that the World Expo is not just a celebration, but a suitable destination to enjoy a long list of innovative foods and beverages added to dining experiences that cater to special needs, such as the gluten-free dining experiences, whose slogan is “Restaurant” Tawa “to serve people with hypersensitivity to food, which opened, recently, opposite the Al-Wasl Dome to provide an integrated dining experience, featuring baked goods, sweets, pizza, pancakes and gluten-free “burgers”, which makes it a major attraction not only for “owners of sensitive intestines”, but For anyone looking for healthy eating experiences.

Healthy food

Visitors are guaranteed a variety of healthy foods, taking into account nutritional standards and balanced quantities, in addition to prices, giving food lovers options that meet the requirements and tastes.

In keeping with the event's theme of sustainability, some of the food and beverage program at the fair is eco-friendly, budget friendly, and sourced from organic farming.

Its packaging also takes into account the objectives of preserving the environment and fair pricing policies, so if you are a fan of healthy food and are looking for adventures with tempting and completely new flavors, you will definitely find what you want at Expo 2020 Dubai.

"Sustainable" ingredients

A wonderful experience that the Estonia pavilion provides to its visitors, and embodies the idea of ​​sustainability that wins the exhibition, as the pavilion includes a sustainable farm that includes a variety of herbs and types of salads, such as lettuce and coriander, and invests them as basic ingredients in preparing food in the pavilion’s indoor restaurant.

Of course, each suite has a special dining experience, some of which have opened, while others are awaiting the experience in the coming days.

This is the reason behind the journey of exceptional flavors offered by the exhibition, the best of which can be discovered while wandering around the place, or using the “Expo 2020 Dubai” application on mobile phones when visiting the exhibition.

For fast food lovers

For those looking for a quick bite, you'll discover food trucks in a number of "Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity" areas.

There, in particular, you can stop and eat what you like from pizza, sausages, “pancakes” and pies, and other types of appetizers, sandwiches, fried chicken, and the famous potato wedges offered by the most crowded “Expo” restaurant, the Saudi “Al Baik” restaurant, which tops the “Opportunity” area. ».

• The fair is a convenient destination to enjoy a long list of innovative foods and beverages.

• Exceptional flavors that can be discovered while touring the exhibition, or through its electronic application.

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