Eswatian Bird Watchers' Paradise Attracts Expo Visitors

Ain Expo .. “A small country with a big heart” .. sings and celebrates all year long


“A small country with a big heart.” With this phrase, officials at the Eswatini pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai define their kingdom, which is located in the south of the continent, proud that it is one of the few remaining kingdoms in Africa, which embraces ancient and unique traditions, and a distinguished cultural heritage of friendly people Celebrates all year round, dressed in beautifully colored traditional clothes.

The pavilion invites visitors to experience the diverse and unique potential of their kingdom, ranging from infrastructure investment, trade, technology, innovation, tourism and travel, to agriculture and food production, while focusing on a calendar rich with artistic and musical events for immersion in Eswatini culture.

One of the main attractions of visitors to the pavilion, which is located in the mobility area of ​​​​"Expo 2020 Dubai", is the discovery of various tropical environments and activities, watching wildlife, practicing waterfall boating, or jogging among the natural habitats of this country, and many immersive experiences between culture and nature. Eswatini is described as a bird watchers' paradise.

It also provides a rare opportunity to see and explore the endangered rhino.

The pavilion provides a rich variety of information on the landscape of Eswatini, which is endowed with an abundance of fauna and flora, with the huge number of mind-boggling species according to most European standards, as there are about 17 protected areas, which are home to a wide range of species, as well as Being one of the best places on the continent to see rhinos.

This kingdom is the perfect place to deal with many small creatures that are often overlooked on safari trips elsewhere, and is a paradise for bird watchers of various and rare.

For his part, Deputy Commissioner-General of the Eswatini Pavilion, Sibusiso Mneisi, confirmed to "Emirates Today", "Their kingdom is a small country with a big heart and its people are friendly, and it is also one of the few remaining kingdoms in Africa."

He added, "Our country's participation in (Expo 2020 Dubai) is wonderful and an irreplaceable opportunity to attract investments to our kingdom, as visitors can get a better idea of ​​the traditional African culture in Eswatini than anywhere else in the region."

"Visitors to the Eswatini pavilion will explore many wonderful things about our customs and traditions, most notably the organization of festivals of a special nature that contribute to the definition of our culture, in which tens of thousands of Eswatini residents participate, and attract visitors from all over the world, as traditional clothing, celebrations and dance are present in across the country at all times of the year.

He pointed out that the very friendly people are proud of their country, as they welcome visitors with a cheerful smile and are happy to show off their beautiful country, in addition to a number of community-run tourism initiatives, including that visitors can experience everyday life in Eswatini in a home or local village, where they will be greatly welcomed. From the people of the village.

• The friendly people welcome visitors with a cheerful smile, and are happy to show off their beautiful kingdom to all.

• 17 reserves that are home to a wide range of species in Eswatini.

Sibusiso Mnesi:

• "Our kingdom's participation in (Expo 2020 Dubai) is a wonderful thing and an irreplaceable opportunity to showcase our traditional African culture."

Everyone's robe

The kingdom of Eswatini has a distinctive African costume, a robe around the body that does not cover the shoulders or the bottom of the feet, and is worn by everyone, including the king named Mswati III, who has ruled the country since 1986.

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