He did not give her her share of the amount of social support

A man is obligated to pay 60.6 thousand dirhams to a woman from his family

The Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance ruled that a man must pay a woman from his family an amount of 60,670 dirhams, the value of her share of the amount of social support he receives personally, and the court obligated the defendant to pay fees and expenses.

In the details, a woman filed a lawsuit against a member of her family, in which she demanded that the defendant pay her 60,000 dirhams, in addition to 20,000 dirhams, as compensation, and oblige him to pay fees and expenses, noting that the defendant receives a monthly amount of social support, and did not distribute it. On family members, what prompted her to file her case.

The report of the assignment of an accounting expert delegated by the court showed that if the court decided to prove the plaintiff’s entitlements only without the entitlements of her minor children, the plaintiff in this case would be owed by the defendant on behalf of herself an amount of 58 thousand and 670 dirhams only, indicating that in the event that the court finds Proving the entitlements of the plaintiff and her minor children covered by her guardianship, the plaintiff is owed by the defendant to her and her minor children collectively, a total of 187,744 dirhams.

In its ruling, the court clarified that the delegated expert concluded in his report that the plaintiff in person is entitled to 58,670 dirhams of the amounts received by the defendant until the date of preparing the report, and that the defendant appeared before the court, and did not dispute what the expert concluded, noting that the plaintiff She filed the case in person, and therefore the court orders the defendant to pay the plaintiff this amount.

The court pointed out that it had been proven that the defendant was indebted to the plaintiff, and that he had not paid the amount due, and then the court concluded with him the defendant’s mistake, and the element of the error had been available before the defendant, and caused damages to the plaintiff, what the court sees that the plaintiff’s compensation for each The material damages incurred by him due to the defendant’s mistake are sufficient in the amount of 2000 dirhams, and the court ruled to obligate the defendant to pay the plaintiff an amount of 60 thousand and 670 dirhams, and obligated him to pay fees and expenses and rejected other requests.

• The court pointed out that it had established the defendant's indebtedness to the plaintiff, and that he had not paid the amount due.

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