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The Chinese government is pushing for a plan to punish the parents of underage children if they commit crimes.

On the 18th local time, foreign media such as Chinese media Peng Pai reported that the National People's Congress, which is China's parliamentary body, is pushing for a bill to promote home education that punishes parents and guardians for misbehavior of underage children.

If the bill passes the National People's Congress, the police, prosecutors and courts can discipline the parents of young people who commit criminal acts and order them to complete a re-education program to teach their children.

A guardian who has been given a disciplinary action must submit a statement of reflection stating 'I'm sorry that I raised the child wrong' and 'I will transform myself into a new child'.

The National People's Congress explained the purpose of the bill, saying that there are many reasons for the bad behavior of minors, but lack of or inadequate home schooling is the main cause.

He also announced that he will hold a meeting until the 23rd of this month to undergo a third deliberation on the bill.

However, some are concerned that although the intention is to strengthen parents' responsibility for disciplinary action for their children, it could be interpreted as trying to revive the system of sorority that has disappeared from modern civilized society (a system that asks even the family of criminals to take responsibility for solidarity).

In addition to these provisions, the newly implemented Home Education Promotion Act also stipulated that parents should △guarantee time for rest, play and exercise for children, △ban all violence against their children, and △teach respect for the elderly.

It also clarified that parents are responsible for their children suffering from excessive academic burden or suffering from game addiction.

Recently, the Chinese government has introduced various youth protection measures to increase the fertility rate.

For the reasons of preventing game addiction and reducing the burden of learning, we have restricted the game time for teenagers, and have banned individual tutoring for major subjects on weekends and public holidays.

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