Honored its partners from government agencies and practitioners of the legal profession

"Dubai Legal" discusses investing opportunities in legal work after "Corona"

During the annual legal conference of "Dubai Legal", which was held remotely.

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The Department of Legal Affairs of the Government of Dubai held its annual legal conference, under the title: “Legal Work in the Post-Covid-19 Phase: Reality Challenges and Investing Opportunities”, remotely, via visual communication technology, with the participation of local and federal government agencies, law firms and legal advice. and legal practitioners working in the state, with the attendance of more than 1,500 participants.

The conference focused on discussing the repercussions of the “Covid-19” pandemic and its impact on the future of legal work, and presented visions seeking to invest opportunities for legal professional excellence in the post-pandemic stage, in light of practical experiences that resulted in employing alternatives to continue the legal sector’s performance of its tasks in achieving justice. , especially in light of the digital transformation that forms part of the legal work system, and the associated challenges and aspirations.

The Director General of the Legal Affairs Department of the Government of Dubai, Dr. Louay Muhammad Belhoul, stressed that while many countries are still trying to recover from the “Covid-19” pandemic, the UAE announced that it has overcome the challenges of those exceptional circumstances, and the social, health and economic repercussions it imposed, For the UAE, as usual, to confirm that it is able to deal with crises and changes in reality according to a comprehensive vision, in which the elements of identifying risks, drawing plans, applying methodologies, reading lessons, and benefiting from experiences in building the future are integrated.

He said: “The transformations of reality whose features have shaped this pandemic, their consequences and effects will inevitably extend to the future that will change, and will necessarily be different, and also require us to prepare, visions and different future plans, especially in the legal work that relates to all groups of society,” stressing that the importance of the conference comes from His ability to present conscious visions of the challenges of reality and future aspirations in the legal work system, in an effort to employ all tools and capabilities that guarantee outstanding professional performance in this vital sector related to achieving the values ​​of justice and the rule of law.

On the sidelines of the conference, the Dubai Government Legal Affairs Department honored a number of government agencies from its strategic partners and principals who support its aspirations to achieve its vision, strategy and projects in the development of legal work in the emirate, in addition to honoring a number of external employees who have shown effective cooperation with the department, by providing Requirements for managing files and legal transactions related to the various services provided by the department to these entities, which contributed to enabling the department to carry out its tasks and competencies in an optimal manner, in order to meet the aspirations and visions of the Dubai government.

Dr. Louay Belhoul:

• «The UAE is able to deal with crises and changes in reality according to a comprehensive vision».

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