The world's largest skeleton specimen of the dinosaur "Triceratops", which seems to have lived about 66 million years ago, was put up for auction and sold for nearly 900 million yen in Japanese yen, which was much higher than expected.

According to auction companies, the winner was the world's largest skeletal specimen of Triceratops, which is about 7 meters long and has a head bone 2 meters wide, and is nicknamed "Big John."

It was put up for auction in Paris, France on the 21st, and was sold for about 880 million yen in Japanese yen, which is 6.65 million euros, which is more than four times higher than expected.

The triceratops is believed to have lived approximately 66 million years ago, before the dinosaurs went extinct, and was discovered in the United States in 2014.

It was buried in the mud and died, so it was well preserved. 60% of the skeleton was excavated and transported to Italy, and experts restored it by combining more than 200 bones.

The winning bid was made by an American collector, and the agent told reporters, "I'm excited to get Big John and display it for people to see and enjoy." There is a possibility that it will be done.

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