• Sunday morning, a 3.356 km long scarf will be deployed on the Saint-Nazaire bridge.

  • A “creative and united” challenge prepared by several thousand people from all over France.

It's a funny challenge that has been brewing for two years now. Sunday, a gigantic scarf of more than 3 km will be deployed on the bridge of Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique), the longest structure in France which will be closed for the occasion. A "creative and united" event called Tricothon whose final goal is to raise funds for the Telethon. This weekend's event, filmed by drones, will also be broadcast on television during the event in December.

For several months, a thousand knitters (especially) mobilized all over France to make rectangles of wool, which were sewn in spools of 150 meters.

"It started with two people in Saint-Brévin to achieve national enthusiasm," says Annabelle Valles, organizer of the Tricothon, supported by the association "Agir avec les Résidentiels".

Workshops were organized in retirement homes, with friends, in associations… Thanks to Mondial Relay which offered us the transport, we finally received 800 meters of scarves more, which will leave for other works.


The 10,000 pieces of wool to sponsor

On Sunday, more than 1,500 people will be on site to assemble the parts, which will cover the entire length of the bridge, namely 3,356 m.

Then, the 10,000 pieces of wool can be sponsored at free price, before they are transformed into 400 blankets, distributed to charities.

The organizers hope to raise 45,000 euros by December thanks to this operation.

The departmental council, which mobilized around twenty departmental agents and 14 vehicles to help transport the scarf, indicates that the bridge will be closed to traffic and to the public between 9:30 am and 12:30 pm.

"Only authorized persons (volunteers, members of the organization, etc.) will be able to access the Saint-Nazaire bridge during the event".


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