There is currently no panic in the outgoing cabinet because of the rising corona figures, sources from The Hague report on Friday.

The cabinet remains vigilant, but according to insiders, sees no reason to decide earlier on whether or not to tighten the corona measures.

The cabinet will provide an update on the corona measures on 5 November.

In the days before that, the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) will come up with new advice.

Since the relaxation at the end of September, the number of infections has increased and the pressure on healthcare is also increasing.

This increase was expected and taken into account by the cabinet.

The cabinet focuses more on the number of admissions to hospitals and intensive care units than on the infection figures.

Several specialists believe that the cabinet should intervene.

For example, epidemiologist Frits Rosendaal would like to see the face mask returned and researcher Marino van Zelst believes that the cabinet should emphasize the basic rules more.

Van Zelst believes that it is best for the cabinet to come up with "light interventions" as early as possible, because otherwise heavier measures may be necessary.

The experts also expect that this year's flu wave will be heavier and therefore put more pressure on healthcare.

OMT chairman Jaap van Dissel said in an interview with the


that he does not expect a new lockdown this winter.

According to him, because of the high vaccination coverage, the situation is different now than in the same period last year.

This makes it difficult to estimate how the epidemic will progress in the Netherlands.

"We now see many of the infections among young people, for example, so that is relatively favorable for the number of hospital admissions," said Van Dissel.

"But it also depends on the rate of spread in unvaccinated groups and regions where fewer people have been vaccinated."

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