• France nature environnement has filed a summary concerning two exterior developments carried out without a building permit.

  • "We ask that the site be rehabilitated," said their lawyer.

  • Other procedures, concerning the renovation of the castle of La Barben, classified as a historical monument, are in progress.

A little more than three months after its inauguration, the “Rocher Mistral” theme park, established in the castle of La Barben, about twenty kilometers from Aix-en-Provence, continues the audiences.

Two weeks ago, the Aix court dismissed residents of their summary for noise pollution.

This Tuesday, this same court examines an appeal filed in summary proceedings by France Nature Environnement (FNE) concerning two developments carried out without a building permit: a parking lot and a "Provencal market", located in a flood-prone area and fire risk.

Scheduled for July, the hearing was postponed at the request of the defense.

Two developments essential for the viability of the site, according to the Rocher Mistral

"Already, postponing a summary [emergency judicial procedure] for two months, takes away a little of its substance", regrets Stéphane Coppey, president of FNE 13. He hopes that justice orders the restoration of the site. "This is what we will ask", assures Me Victoria, the lawyer of FNE who does not exclude a "new postponement". For these two constructions, the ground, formerly meadows, have been stabilized, and removable huts make up the market.

The Rocher Mistral, for whom these two developments are essential for the viability of the site on which 20 million euros - including 6 million public subsidies - have been invested, he explained to

20 Minutes

, does not wish at this time to make any remark.

However, two building permit applications had been submitted.

But they were rejected by the town hall of La Barben, a village of 900 inhabitants.

"There are town planning rules that apply, that's all"

"This project, like any other is subject to regulations," advance Franck Santos, the mayor. “In La Barben, there is no local town-planning plan, it is the national regulations that apply. And these permit applications, submitted to the prefecture, were the subject of an unfavorable opinion, ”he continues. A refusal which had made the communication of the park say that it was subject to "opposition from the mayor". “I'm not putting a stick in their wheels, there are town planning rules that apply, that's all. I also have no problem with there being activity in the town, as the zoo has done for forty years, for example, ”defends Franck Santos, who has not visited at the inauguration, not condoning "not what is not done in the standards".

Once this hearing has passed, the “Rocher Mistral” may not be done with justice.

"Procedures for the renovation of the castle, which is a historic monument, are underway," assures Me Victoria.

The monument, the first stones of which date from the 11th century and some parts of which were in poor condition, underwent heavy work to accommodate the public and hold shows.


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