Saffron "sorbet" .. Rejuvenates the energy of visitors to "Expo 2020 Dubai"

  • Photography: Ashok Verma

  • Photography: Ashok Verma


It is not surprising if you stumble by chance, while discovering the unique architecture of the Iranian pavilion and its balls made of burnt clay, with the queue of visitors stacked in front of a simple popular café in one of the folds of the pavilion. How do?. Through a cold cup of the famous local "saffron sorbet", offered by this modest popular café, at "Expo 2020 Dubai", adjacent to the theater of musical performances in the pavilion, which offers an exceptional refreshing experience that is not matched by any other cold drinks or ice cream, according to the narration of many in this place.

Great Benefits:

The “saffron sherbet” is prepared in the café, from the blooming “flowers” ​​that are carefully extracted, dried and ground, and then mixed with cold water and the traditional “juleb syrup”.

This ancient traditional drink is famous for its great health benefits, most notably replenishing the body’s energy and hydration, through the large amounts of water it contains. It contains the advantages derived from the saffron herb, which has been characterized since ancient times with many medicinal properties that have been used in the past to treat many countless diseases.

A new discovery

In describing the remarkable turnout recorded by this drink in the Iran pavilion in the mobility area, one of the cafe’s waitresses confirmed that “saffron sherbet” is one of the largest discoveries of the pavilion and its most important “health” experiences, which aroused the curiosity and admiration of many visitors to the exhibition, who transmitted a lot Including its news and its great benefits in fighting thirst and replenishing energy, especially in this hot weather of the year, pointing out that many of them know in advance about saffron and its countless benefits, but most of them have not tried this refreshing drink before, which is sold in the cafe at very thoughtful prices, with juices. Another delicious summer treat, most notably the famous “Khakshair” sherbet, known for its great health benefits.


This unique experience in the pavilion evokes some of the features of the ancient history of this local drink and its famous ingredients around the world, in ways that are not without delightful discoveries for visitors to the pavilion, given the art of preparing it and the methods of pouring it with the skill of professionals in cups, before the drink makes its way to the tables of thirsty customers. Perhaps it is a “calculated” discovery adventure worth trying, due to what it has proven and is still today, of sweeping popularity on the sides of the exhibition and its various pavilions in the mobility area.

The history and the

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saffron to more than 3000 years and because this plant grows in desert soil, it

has called «gone desert» or red gold. "Has received this product for centuries, attention and demand by many countries around the


Because of

Because of the many benefits that distinguish it, it has many uses in different industries such as cosmetics, spinning and weaving, pharmaceutical industries and various food industries.Because of its beautiful color, smart smell and delicious flavour, saffron is used in various meals with chicken, meat and fish, as well as sweets, biscuits, ice cream and a number of drinks To eliminate fatigue and give activity.

Medically, this great product is known for its health value in expelling wind and treating cramps and flatulence, respiratory infections, coughs, colds, scarlet fever, smallpox, cancer, hypoxia and asthma.

While saffron is important in treating blood disorders, insomnia, paralysis, heart disease, stomach disorders, gout and eye disorders.

It is also used as an antioxidant agent in the field of pharmaceutical products and as an important nutritional supplement that improves health and strengthens immunity.


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