The Dow Jones Industrial Average temporarily traded on the New York stock market on the 22nd, as the company's recent earnings announcements have been strong and concerns about the financial difficulties of Chinese real estate giants have eased somewhat. Updated the highest price in.

In the New York stock market on the 22nd, in addition to the recent announcement of the company's financial results, the Chinese real estate giant "Evergrande Group", which is in financial difficulty, will pay interest on dollar-denominated corporate bonds. The policy was communicated, and concerns about financial difficulties were alleviated, so buy orders increased immediately after the start of the transaction.

As a result, the Dow Jones Industrial Average temporarily surpassed $ 35,669 and 69 cents on the 20th, hitting a new high during trading hours.

Market officials said, "Immediately after the start of the transaction, many investors place buy orders in the hope that corporate performance will continue to improve for the time being, and the highest price was reached. However, some investors place sell orders to secure profits. It is a development where buying and selling are mixed. "

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