(A closer look at China) In Xi Jinping's "United Nations Time", I heard the voice of China interacting with the world

  China News Service, Beijing, October 22nd, title: In Xi Jinping's "United Nations Time", I heard the voice of China interacting with the world

  China News Agency reporter Huang Yuqin

  The 50th anniversary meeting of the People’s Republic of China to restore its legal seat in the United Nations will be held in Beijing on October 25. Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend and deliver an important speech.

History is always more enlightening at special moments. From being excluded from the United Nations to becoming a member of almost all universal intergovernmental international organizations, the trajectory of China's interaction with the world is more clearly visible at these important moments.

  When a century of change is intertwined with the epidemic of the century, the world is once again at a new crossroads.

China today is the China of the world. Facing the question of the century of "Where is the human society", Xi Jinping has explained China's choices in "United Nations Time" many times since 2015, and the voice of China's interaction with the world can be heard from the outside world.

"Building a community with a shared future for mankind"

  For future generations to avoid the scourge of war, safeguard equal rights, uphold justice and the rule of law, and promote the improvement of people’s livelihood, the United Nations has written its vision for the future world into its charter at the beginning of its establishment.

In September 2015, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, Xi Jinping appeared on the UN forum for the first time. While tracing history, he also clearly portrayed what China sees as an ideal world.

  "Establish a partnership that treats each other as equals, negotiate and understand each other," "create a security pattern of fairness, justice, and co-construction and sharing", "seeking open, innovative, inclusive and mutually beneficial development prospects", "promoting harmony but diversity, and eclectic cultural exchanges", "building respect Natural and green development of the ecological system"... The United Nations is a miniature world. He first appeared on the stage of the United Nations. Xi Jinping expressed China's expectations for the future world and made the international community better understand China's "world outlook."

  However, as protectionism and unilateralism are blowing up "headwinds" around the world, the world that people look forward to seems to be gradually becoming distant.

At this special moment, Xi Jinping walked into the United Nations headquarters in Geneva at the beginning of 2017 and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Together to Build a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind", once again specifically explaining the ideal world in China's eyes.

  At the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Xi Jinping reviewed the history of the Peloponnesian War to the Cold War, emphasizing that “the past shall not be forgotten, and the future will be a guide”; he quoted the famous words of Nobel Prize winner Hesse and pointed out that “dialogue is not confrontational, and partnership The importance of non-alignment; with the help of the “omnipotence” of the Swiss Army Knife, we call on the international community to make unremitting efforts to solve practical problems... "Building a world of lasting peace, universal security, common prosperity, openness and tolerance, clean and beautiful world" is full of uncertainty In a sexual environment, China’s goals and the direction of action are more determined.

"The fundamental way out is to seek peace and achieve development"

  It is undeniable that people's hopes for a better world are always overshadowed by the endless global challenges.

Faced with the continuous spread of regional conflicts, refugee crisis, new crown pneumonia epidemic, climate change and other issues, countries around the world urgently need to find a right way out.

  "The fundamental way out is to seek peace and achieve development." At the United Nations Development Summit in September 2015, Xi Jinping gave China's plan for coping with global challenges.

Since then, Xi Jinping has put forward a number of Chinese initiatives on issues of peace and development on the most important multilateral platform of the United Nations.

  ——When regional conflicts and chaos continue, Xi Jinping pointed out at the UN peacekeeping summit that it is necessary to raise the level of rapid response, gain opportunities for peace, and buy time for life.

  ——As the rate of global species extinction continues to accelerate, Xi Jinping emphasized at the United Nations Biodiversity Summit that we must adhere to multilateralism and unite global environmental governance.

  ——When the global economy suffered from the impact of the epidemic and the recovery was weak, Xi Jinping put forward a global development initiative at the general debate of the 76th UN General Assembly, placing the development agenda in a more important position for international cooperation.


  In addition to “what can be done” and “what must be done,” Xi Jinping’s “Chinese voice” also clearly expresses “cannot” and “don’t” around peace and development.

  "You can’t listen to whoever has a big fist." "You don’t engage in exceptionalism, do not engage in double standards, and you cannot distort international law." Do your own way, engage in hegemony, bullying, and domineering".

  Standing at the crossroads that determine the future, some commentators pointed out that in the voice of China’s interaction with the world, one could hear a clear “say no” to unilateralism and bullying. China is undoubtedly standing firm on multilateralism and cooperation. The winning side.

"You can't just prescribe a prescription without seeing the effect"

  "You can't just prescribe prescriptions without seeing the effects." As Xi Jinping said at the UN's 75th Anniversary Summit, China is not only the initiator of the initiative, but also an active activist.

Sorting out the voices of China's interaction with the world in "United Nations time" not only covers macro initiatives, but also makes specific commitments.

It is precisely in every commitment that China "starts and acts", with practical actions to practice world peace builders, global development contributors, international order defenders, and public goods providers.

  Especially since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Xi Jinping attended the general debate of the United Nations General Assembly for two consecutive years and successively announced that “China will provide another US$50 million in support to the United Nations Global Humanitarian Response Plan for the new crown pneumonia epidemic.” "100 million doses of vaccine" "on the basis of donating 100 million US dollars to the'New Crown Vaccine Implementation Plan', another 100 million doses of vaccine will be donated to developing countries within the year."

  Accompanied by the solemn commitment, China has sent 37 batches of anti-epidemic medical experts to 34 countries on all continents, and has provided masks, protective clothing, testing reagents and other materials to more than 200 countries and regions. The country and the "New Crown Vaccine Implementation Plan" provide more than 1.1 billion doses of vaccines and original solutions... China, which has "started and moved", is adopting a series of practical measures to provide important assistance to the world's early end of the epidemic.

  From the ideal world in China’s eyes, to the global initiatives it has made, to its own commitments, when China celebrates its 50th anniversary of restoring its legal seat in the United Nations, looking back on Xi Jinping’s "United Nations time", the voice of China’s interaction with the world is particularly clear here. .


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