In the spotlight: a new director for the national police in Haiti

Former Haitian National Police Chief Léon Charles speaks at a press conference following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, July 11, 2021 . © REUTERS / RICARDO ARDUENGO

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Frantz Elbé replaces Léon Charles at the head of the Haitian National Police. The resignation of Léon Charles was " 

demanded by several layers of society

 ", recalls

Rezo Nodwès

, noting that it occurs " 

less than 72

hours after the kidnapping of more than ten American citizens by the armed gangs 400 Mawozo

 ". The press is not kind to those who are leaving: " 

Léon Charles is

leaving by the back door

 ", headlines

Le Nouvelliste

. “ 

It leaves a capital in the grip of insecurity. More than a thousand people and around fifty police officers have been killed in recent months,

 ”the newspaper said, while


relays the UNICEF statement that " 

the number of children and women abducted for ransom payment in the first eight months of 2021 has already exceeded last year's total


In fact, Léon Charles " 

has been strongly criticized for his inability to fight against acts of crime and banditry

 ", underlines


. And his resignation comes a few days after " 

the humiliation of the government on October 17 at the Red Bridge

 ", when, with the Prime Minister and members of the government, Léon Charles had to " 

take flight under the bullets of the bandits

 " . And then it was " 

under the administration of Léon Charles that President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated at home,

 " recalls

Le Nouvelliste

. The director of police, " 

booed, copiously insulted

 " and " 

even treated as an assassin

 At the funeral.

The man had developed the faculty of being impervious to criticism

 ", estimates the newspaper, but " 

it became obvious that he no longer had the confidence of the troops nor the adequate means to worry the gangs


Frantz Elbé expected for "

the hunt for armed gangs


AlterPresse underlines that " 

the efforts of Frantz Elbé to restore security when he was in the South-East, in 2012, were hailed at the time


The newspapers focus mainly on what awaits him: " 

the hunt for armed gangs,

 " insists

Le National


He " 

must quickly get down to the task of restoring a climate of security in the country


The problem, sighs

Le Nouvelliste

, is that “ 

we arrive as director of the PNH without a plan and without a doctrine


[…] It is a position that we inherit after the failure of a previous director during a crisis at its height.

[…] The country awaits, in the absence of miracles, clear signals and results, however small they may be.


In Nicaragua, arrest of the president and vice-president of COSEP, the employers' union

Michael Healy and Alvaro Vargas were arrested, according to police, " 

for alleged money laundering and for attacking national sovereignty




. The house of Michael Healy, the president of Cosep, " 

was searched, as was the case for other detainees and suspects

 ", notes the newspaper, among others " 

journalists, social leaders, trade unions, companies, and even student leaders


La Prensa

speaks of " 

a level of repression that exceeds even that of Latin American governments

as violent and restrictive as Venezuela


Trinchera de la Noticia

notes that the detention of the two men, " 

critics of the government of the Sandinista Ortega,

comes the day after the request of the Organization of American States demanding the" immediate "release of the presidential candidates

 " of November 7 " 

and of the political prisoners


It's a strategy

," said a political analyst in

La Prensa


Every time there is international action, internally we lock up more.


In the United States, the state of Alabama executed this Thursday Willie B. Smith

The Supreme Court had just refused to examine the case of this African-American convicted thirty years ago for the murder of a white woman. However, underlines the site

, " 

the State did not question the fact that Smith suffered from a severe intellectual disability

 ", and the Supreme Court had in 2002 prohibited the execution of this type of people, complements the

Montgomery Advertiser

. According to the Death Penalty Information Center, Willie B. Smith is at least the 28th person with intellectual disability to be executed since the 2002 ban. His lawyers say he couldn't even choose one. type of execution among those offered to him, because he did not understand the form.

Accident on the set of a film in the United States

: one dead and one seriously injured

Actor Alec Baldwin shot the set of the western



with a pistol used as a prop

killing the director of photography and injuring the director,

 " reports

USA Today


The Hill

continues: " 

According to the sheriff's office, the investigation is trying to understand what type of projectile was fired and how

 ." A spokesperson for Alec Baldwin speaks of an " 

accident with a blank loaded pistol

 ". The

Washington Post

recalls the " 

prolific career

 " of the actor, known in recent years for his role in the series

30 Rock

 and his imitation of Donald Trump on

Saturday Night Live


The newspaper also returns to the deaths which occurred in similar circumstances during filming: the actor Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, killed by a pistol loaded by mistake with live ammunition.

Or Jon-Erik Hexum, pretending to play Russian roulette with a pistol for the shot loaded blank, but killed by the detonation when the shot is fired.


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