The ANWB reports the busiest striker of this year on Friday.

At the peak at 4:20 p.m. there was 771 kilometers of traffic jams, a spokesman said.

This was mainly caused by many holidaymakers being on the road and by the rain and wind.

The holidays are over in the north and center of the country and the holidays are just starting in the south.

There are many traffic jams, especially on the routes from south to north in Noord-Brabant (A2, A16, A27 and A50) and in Gelderland.

The traffic on the roads is now decreasing.

Around 5.30 pm there was a total of more than 600 kilometers of traffic jams.

The previous traffic jam record of 2021 dates from October 12.

At the peak of the morning rush, there was 759 kilometers of traffic jams.

The busiest striker of 2021!

At 4.20 pm there was 771 kilometers of traffic jam, more than half of which was in North Brabant.

Especially on roads from south to north, connecting this afternoon is #A2 #A16 #A27 #A50


AuthorANWBverkeerMoment of places15: 11 - 22 October 2021