China News Service, October 22, reported that the representative of the Russian emergency department said on the 21st that a steam leak at the Rostov nuclear power plant in the south of the country caused the No. 2 nuclear power unit to stop operating.

However, no injuries were caused by the accident, and the radiation environment of the nuclear power plant was normal.

  The representative said, “Due to a steam leak, the No. 2 nuclear power unit of the Rostov Nuclear Power Plant was out of operation for maintenance”.

  According to him, the accident did not cause any injuries, the radiation environment of the nuclear power plant was normal, and the three units continued to operate.

Cause of the accident is being investigated.

  Rosatom owns 11 nuclear power plants across Russia, with 38 reactors in operation, most of which were built during the Soviet era.

  The Russian Nuclear Power Company (Rosenergoatom), a subsidiary of the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation, said that after detecting the steam leak from the second of the four reactors of the Rostov nuclear power plant, it has shut down for maintenance on the 21st.

  The Russian Nuclear Power Company stated that the 18 mm pipeline carrying the non-radiative water from the steam generator of the reactor had welding defects, which caused the leakage of steam.

The company's spokesman Timonov also said that the leaking of steam from the reactor did not pose a danger.

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