71% confirmed their confidence in safety procedures in schools

90% of students’ families in Dubai are satisfied with the procedures for dealing with “Corona”

  • "Knowledge" monitored a significant improvement in the process of communication between schools and students' families.


  • The educational community in Dubai has gone through a new experience over the past 18 months.

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A report issued by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, recently, stated that 90% of parents of students in private schools in Dubai, who were surveyed, confirmed their satisfaction with the way the authority and the emirate government deal with the “Corona” pandemic in schools, while 7% of them were neutral, and 3 % are not satisfied.

The report, titled "Society First.. A New Approach to Ensure Continuity of Learning During the Pandemic in Dubai's Private Schools", showed that 71% of students' families confirmed their confidence in the safety measures put in place by schools to protect students from infection with the "Corona" virus, since allowing the return of the virus. Students referred to the physical education method inside school buildings and facilities, while 21% of students' parents were neutral, and 8% did not agree with safety procedures.

The report indicated that 57% of students' families reported that their children's face-to-face learning in school is better than their "distance learning", while 17% of them saw that students' learning "virtual" is better, and 26% of students' families said that there is no difference between Attendance and distance learning.

The report pointed out that 44% of students' families are interested in learning about alternative educational methods for their children's traditional method of education, while 39% of them refuse to look for alternative methods, and 17% of them adhere to neutrality.

The authority explained that over the past 18 months, the educational community in Dubai has undergone a new experience with everything in it, as the pandemic has changed many ideas about the possibilities available in the field of education, and expanded horizons about possible achievements.

She pointed out that the report, "Society First.. A New Approach to Ensure Continuity of Learning During the Pandemic in Dubai's Private Schools," highlights, in part, the success stories that highlight the outstanding achievements of our school community during the pandemic period, while in another aspect it constitutes a reference guide. To evaluate experiences that have proven useful during this period, and those that may need to be developed, as well as encouraging experiences that may succeed in the future.

The authority indicated that the cooperation of various members of the school community, including school leaders, teachers, students, and administrative staff, hand in hand with parents, has created fruitful success stories that have affected educational practices in schools and the community's ability to adapt to all circumstances and changes.

The report indicated that the vast majority of private schools confirmed that they were able to communicate and consult with students' families on a regular basis, in addition to responding quickly to address all issues and issues as soon as they arise.

The report monitored a significant improvement in the process of communication between schools and students’ families in aspects related to health and safety procedures approved by the Government of Dubai. The schools also took the initiative to support students’ psychological quality of life by distributing questionnaires, allocating direct lines of communication, e-mails, and holding virtual meetings and meetings on the Internet. In addition to holding face-to-face meetings.

Communication with students' parents

The KHDA report stated that parents of students expressed their appreciation for the improvements made by schools in the process of communication with them.

The results of the parents’ electronic questionnaire, which was implemented by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority earlier this year, revealed that most parents of students agreed that their children’s schools keep them informed of their children’s academic progress, and that the vast majority of parents reported that they work with whom They should contact school staff if there are reservations about their children's education.

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