The prostitution case of Li Windi (39), one of China's leading pianists, is causing a stir in Chinese society.

When it became known on the 21st that Lee Windy, who was a winner of the Chopin Competition and had been evaluated for having both excellent skills and a smooth personality, was put under administrative detention by the police on charges of prostitution, some state-run media immediately posted comments as if they had prepared in advance, raising the alarm in the cultural world. rang.

In a post on Weibo (Chinese Twitter) on the 21st, Renmin Wangping, an online media outlet for reviews of the Communist Party's official People's Daily, said, "Yellow (a metaphor for obscenity) on a black and white keyboard is unacceptable" and "A beautiful melody with any blemishes. It can damage art and cast a shadow on the hard-earned path of art."

He continued, "Fault is wrong and illegal is only illegal. You can't bleach, and you can't find any excuses." He continued, "As a celebrity, I should purify myself more and more and strictly bind myself, do not cross the norm and 'limit line', You must not do anything that is against the law.”

He concluded by saying, “I hope that Lee Windy will truly reflect and that there will be no second Rewind.”

In a review published on the night of the 21st in the online version of the Global Times, another state-run media, "Stars must resist long-term resistance to the other temptations of money and popularity." do," he wrote.

Recently, top stars in the Chinese culture and art world such as Chris (Chinese name Wu Yipan, sex crime), Zhao Wei (tax evasion), and Zheng Shuang (tax evasion) have fallen into hell due to various criminal acts. There is also interest in the spread of

As netizens continue to criticize, the cultural world has started to 'Erase Rewindy'.

On the 21st, the China Musicians Association issued a statement stating that Lee Windy's membership was cancelled, and Lee's alma mater, Sichuan Music Academy, removed the sign for 'Liwindi Piano Studio'.

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