The Supreme People’s Procuratorate of China listed 22 wrongful cases in imprisonment for more than 10 years to supervise and hold accountable

  China News Service, Beijing, October 21 (Xie Yanbing, Zhang Su, Liang Xiaohui) Zhang Jun, chief prosecutor of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate of China, delivered a report to the 31st meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress on the 21st, saying that the Supreme People’s Procuratorate had been imprisoned for 10 years. The above 22 unjust and wrong cases were listed for supervision, and all serious accountability opinions have been put forward.

  The "Report of the Supreme People's Procuratorate on the Work of the People's Procuratorate on Prosecution and Appeal Cases" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report") pointed out that the procuratorial organs promote the implementation of the judicial accountability system with serious accountability.

From January 2018 to August 2021, 3,881 criminal protests were filed in accordance with the trial supervision procedures, and 2720 cases were concluded by the court in the same period, of which 2,289 cases were revised and remanded for retrial, accounting for 84.2% of the total number of cases concluded in the same period.

In many criminal unjust and wrong cases, the procuratorial organs do not strictly control the review and prosecution and bear important responsibilities.

  It is reported that in order to profoundly summarize the lessons of wrong cases, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate issued the "People's Procuratorate's Judicial Accountability Regulations," stating that "error correction cannot stop at state compensation, and accountability must fall to the main body of responsibility", and the implementation of the responsibility is serious.

At the beginning of 2021, a comprehensive investigation of the cases of correcting wrongs and wrongs since 2018 will be launched, and the accountability opinions will be put forward on a case-by-case basis.

  The report shows that the procuratorial organs earnestly handle complaints involving criminal case filing and investigation activities.

Focus on resolving issues such as the use of criminal power to intervene in civil economic disputes that complaints from the people complained strongly about.

  "In October 2019, a special clean-up of criminal “files” involving private enterprises was deployed. A total of 2,870 cases were detected, and 2,423 cases have been cleaned up. In October 2020, a new round of special clean-ups was carried out in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Security. As of August this year Then 6,951 cases were found out, and 6,290 cases have been cleared." Zhang Jun said.

  In addition, the report also pointed out that the procuratorial organs have strengthened their precise supervision of civil administrative appeals.

In response to the continuous increase in civil administrative appeal cases, the implementation of measures such as the diversion of complicated and simplified cases has improved the efficiency of handling cases and cleared backlog cases in a comprehensive manner.

From January 2018 to August 2021, the prosecution filed a total of 17,297 civil and administrative protests to the court, and the court closed 12,104 cases in the same period. Among them, 9,520 cases were revised, remanded for retrial, mediation, and settlement withdrawn. The change rate of protests was 78.7%.

  Facing the next step, the report clarified that it will deepen the implementation of the "responding to each case" system for public letters and visits, further promote the closure of cases, continue to promote informatization, and provide stronger support for handling complaints and appeals.


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