He is not there to put Marseille under supervision, he assures, but only so that "the mayonnaise takes well", in his own words.

This Thursday, just a few days after his appointment after years of service as an adviser at Matignon, the brand new prefect delegated to equal opportunities in charge of the “Marseille en grand” plan Laurent Carrié detailed at a conference of press its roadmap.

Starting with the amount of this plan, which for the time being remained somewhat obscure, despite a recent visit by the Head of State to Marseille.

Since the series of announcements made by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron from the Pharo in early September, the figure of 1.5 billion euros contributed by the State to carry out this plan was circulating in the press.

An incorrect figure, according to Laurent Carrié.

"At Matignon, we did not understand where this figure of one billion came from," smiles the new prefect.

And to add: "If we take into account the aid provided for security, or for the renovation of schools, the overall envelope will be a much higher amount.


The question of schools soon to be decided

“To be precise, we are in the process of arbitrating on a certain number of credits,” explains Laurent Carrié. Funding was already programmed, through Copermo for example [for the aid announced to renovate the AP-HM, Editor's note]. For other funding, they should be integrated into the 2022 finance law, the first part of which was adopted by the National Assembly this week.

However, the total amount remains unknown.

For the help given to the renovation of schools, "the figure has not stabilized," says Laurent Carrié.

We will get there in the coming weeks.

"Last Friday, on the morning of the visit of the President of the Republic, the mayor of Marseille Benoît Payan said he had handed over the final plan for the school renovation plan to the Prime Minister, and now await a" go "from the State, and in particular details of the government's financial assistance.

Additional aid on transport

The regional prefect Christophe Mirmand, alongside Laurent Carrié for this press conference, for his part opened the possibility of granting greater aid to the metropolis in terms of transport than the billion euros of investment promised by Emmanuel Macron during his last visit. "The State's share could be increased in the financing of projects aimed at connecting the northern districts to the city center," he explains.

Funding that is part of the long term.

“The envelopes will be spread over a period of five to eight years,” announces Laurent Carrié.

According to the prefect, the priority projects remain the question of the renovation of schools and the problems of mobility, which will have to be fixed by the end of the year, while other announcements, such as the development of a cinema sector , are still at the stage of a simple project.


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