A 15-year-old boy who, after an argument, pushed a 39-year-old man in front of a tram on Monday evening in The Hague, must have known that the vehicle was approaching at that time, according to the Public Prosecution Service (OM).

An investigation shows that the victim visited three boys several times at the Anthony Fokkersingel tram stop in the Ypenburg district of The Hague.

Ultimately, the 15-year-old suspect pushed the 39-year-old victim.

The man fell, ended up under an oncoming tram and died of his injuries.

According to the OM, the boy must have been aware of the approaching tram.

By pushing the victim at that time, the boy "knowingly accepted the risk of the man falling and dying", according to justice.

The Public Prosecution Service therefore argues that there is conditional intent.

The boy will be brought before the examining magistrate on Friday on suspicion of manslaughter.

The Public Prosecution Service believes that his pre-trial detention should be extended.

The decision of the examining magistrate will be announced on Friday at the end of the afternoon

Two others have also been arrested: a 15-year-old boy and an 18-year-old man.

They were released Thursday afternoon and are no longer suspected of causing the fatal incident.

However, they are still suspected of leaving a person in need.

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