6th grade students from George-Sand College in Crégy-lès-Meaux (Seine-et-Marne) suffered, on October 13, the violence of a handful of 3rd grade comrades.

For the FCPE 77, this outburst is linked to the ultraviolent Squid Game series, reports

Le Parisien


That day, the students in a 6th grade were violently thrown to the ground, all of them falling on top of each other.

For several minutes, out of sight, they were trampled and crushed.

They had a lot of trouble getting out of this scramble, especially because of the weight of their satchel.

"Many of them fell as soon as they got up," a parent told our colleagues.

It was teachers who finally put an end to the violence.

Three exclusion procedures initiated

Most of them born in 2010, the young victims were also insulted by “dirty 6e”. Since the start of the school year, an outburst of hate speech has targeted children born in 2010 in playgrounds and on social networks. “I'm getting more and more reports of college violence this year. Including in establishments where there were no problems until then, such as that of Crégy ”, underlined the president of FCPE 77.

Five students were taken to hospital by their parents.

Several of them were victims of sprains.

The parents of the children concerned have lodged a complaint.

According to information from the


obtained from the academic inspectorate, three suspected attackers have been identified.

One should be permanently excluded from college, the other two temporarily.


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