The criminal court of Draguignan (Var) tried this Wednesday a woman from Pignans and two of her friends, reports



The respondent was accused of having produced between September 2019 and April 2021 a total of 13 false blood test results.

She wanted to allow her comrades to hide their alcoholism and their cocaine use from the Penitentiary Integration and Probation Service (Spip) and from the sentence enforcement judge.

Eight months in prison

At the hearing, the two men recounted their addictions.

"In Pignans, there is nothing to do, apart from going to the bar", assured one of them.

Knowing their situation, the defendant had offered to make them forgeries.

“On the cell phone, there is a word processing application that allows you to do this,” she explained.

After checking with the laboratory mentioned on the faked documents, the penalty enforcement judge however discovered the deception.

"My client did not think about the legal consequences of her actions," pleaded her lawyer.

The mis en cause was finally sentenced to an eight-month suspended prison sentence.

His two friends were each sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended suspended for one of them.


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